O'Connell watched him, as he stared into the air thoughtfully. He knew alot of things were going on in the man's mind. Maybe he was contemplating on not hiring him. 

Perhaps, if he didn't, he would leave. There were other places he could get a job.

Mr Derrick lowered himself to his sit, then returned his eyes back to O'Connell.

"So, you're from here?"

O'Connell swallowed, then gave him a firm nod. 

"My mom is from Nigeria, though. And I stayed with her dad for sometime."

Mr Armit nodded. Stared at him in a thoughtful manner, then proceeded to ask. "How long do you intend working here?"

It was something he always asked the people who wanted him to offer them jobs. So he could determine if they were getting hired or not.

"Uh.." O'Connell's voice trailed away, as he searched for an answer in his head. "For as long as possible." He finally provided, maintaining eye contact with Mr Armit.

And the man chuckled. Before joining his index fingers together, and propped his chin there. "Your clothes. You do know that reporters are likely to dress cooperate." He gestured over at his clothes.

O'Connell nodded. He knew he wasn't one to dress cooperate anymore. He wasn't under his mom's roof, with she telling him what and what not to do. He liked clothes that made him feel comfortable.

Except for what happened few days ago. There was robbery on the subway, and he was being punched hard in the stomach, with his phone, and wallet snatched away from him, and violently kicked on the ribs like a thief. Before he was pushed to the floor. It was unexpected something which left him unguarded, because he knew he could have fought back.

Meanwhile, the guy that was dressed in complete cooperate attire, had just his phone snatched from him. With him being untouched by the thieves. Because he was looking more of a gentleman, than O'Connell.

O'Connell had rain curses on the thieves, as they ran away. He was all alone, with no company. And it was the other guy people were running to attend to, while he was just there on the floor, in pains. Like a nobody.

He blinked the painful memory away, and looked up at Mr Armit. Apparently the man had been saying a lot of things, and he had zoned out. Letting his mind go down that shitty memory lane at the subway.

"-consider yourself hired, Mister Williamsburg." Mr Armit broke the news to O'Connell, making him fist pump the air victory.

O'Connell stood up from his chair, just to pull the man into a hug.

And this baffled Mr Armit to the extent that, his mouth flapped open, and the words died out in his throat. 

None of his employee had the audacity to hug him. None of them. They wouldn't even dare.

Yet, this new employee of his, that just got hired a minute ago. Had summoned up the courage to hug him.

"I really do appreciate, sir." He was still smiling as he pulled away from the hug. And sat down.

And the man swallowed, before nodding. Clearly uncomfortable at what just happened.

O'Connell's phone began ringing that instant, and he told Mr Armit to excuse him, before pulling the phone out of his backpack, and slammed it against his ear.

After speaking few words into the phone, he kept it back inside his backpack, before looking up at Mr Armit.

"Sorry for the interruption. That was my roommate." He told Mr Armit, placing his hands on the chair.

Mr Armit nodded, resting back into his seat. Then he said. "You're to resume by 8:30AM every morning. And we close by 9PM, or sometimes 10. You would have your shifts as well."

O'Connell gave him a firm nod, 

"Well, you're dismissed now, Mr Williamsburg. See you tomorrow morning."

"I promise not to let you down." He said.

"And lastly, Mister Williamsburg?" He called when O'Connell was at the door, reaching for the door handle.

"Yes?" The boy turned to him, with innocence and curiosity in his big eyes.

It was insane how this little boy, had made him feel uncomfortable in his own shell. The boy had hug him, the way a guy would hug his lover.

"I don't permit hugs from my employees. Ever." He commanded gruffly, in an authoritative tone.

O'Connell gave him firm a nod, with his lips thinned. "I'm sorry I did that. I just got carried away. You hiring me was the last thing I expected, after staring at me with mockery earlier on. And bombarding me with series of questions."

And he didn't wait for anymore words from Mr Armit, he made his way out, and slammed the door shut behind him.

"Good God! What have I just done?" O'Connell heard him exclaim, when he pressed his ear to the door.

Pushing his glasses up, a smirk formed on his lips as he began making his way towards the exit doors.

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