The Brightest Shadow: Teenage Days

The Brightest Shadow: Teenage Days

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"Everyone has a story to tell and the truth is I am afraid to tell you mine; but in this world embraced by darkness, allow me to become your brightest shadow!" Two different individuals— David Chwe, an 18-year-old boy with secrets darker than a June's night without the guidance of the moon. A boy with phases that are likely to coerce one to kick the bucket. — Travis Fujiriki [Park], is a 19-year-old boy who has always isolated himself from the naked eyes of the world. All that David had to do was to get his mission done and that was to lure Travis into the spider's web but instead, everything chose to travel on a different route. Sparkles of love began to investigate themselves in the depths of their hearts— once an individual who ran away from affection, Travis was willing to expose his heart to David who became his comfort zone. Just like in many tales of love and war, the grass is not always greener on the other side. Will David drop Travis into the lion's den and sacrifice his love? Or will he drop it all and bring him closer under his wing and protect him regardless of anything?

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Fansom Writts'
Your Author here. Dear readers, I've just realised that I mixed the names of some characters. Thankfully it's just the two of them but if anyone of you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. instead of Kevin, it's Sean.
2024-01-17 05:59:37
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MEMORIES: BITTER AND SWEET! "Only six years…that's what we agreed on! Six years! Or were they too much for you to handle?" A husky, booming voice that, belonging to Travis reverberated across the spacious room with a query that sent chills to paste themselves onto the figure of a man who was standing five minutes away from him. "You failed to keep your promise…!" Travis blurted with a voice that was cracking up with emotions. He aired the words with great difficulty whilst his dewy eyes carefully watched the face of the man in front of him harden with coldness. "What did I do to receive this kind of treatment from you? Does it not matter how long I waited?" Travis questioned in a brittle voice as soon as he took timid steps towards the man's direction— a man who did not dare to soften his face, rather he put on a face that lacked emotions and warmness. Slowly but surely, the man turned his features, together with his figure away from the saddened Travis that was already weeping.
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An intruder in my world!
Who are you? [8 January 2018]Number of days drifted off in just a blink of an eye since the terrible incident that evidently made Travis to welcome a new year with a heart that was sunk by a load of gloomy emotions. After almost two years, he found himself sitting behind a school desk, where a bunch of books were looking at him with nothing but mockery. School— according to him, it was a place that was going to make his life a living hell. He knew that it did not matter how hard he had to rough it in— eventually, he'd have to live a lie and entangle himself to the outside world— which was something he was against. He knew that he had a choice to get up and walk away but his 'cruel' heart had always reminded him, on many occasions, that he had once imprinted a promise into his grandmother's 'weak' heart— a promise he dared not to break. It was the second Monday of 2018 and the morning was not different from the other mornings. Leaning his head on the palm of his hand, Travis's e
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His beautiful eyes
[ Five Days After 31 December 2017] —–DAVID CHWE"Your father must have explained the consequences of repeating your silly mistakes, I reckon?" A voice that waved with clamour left a question hanging in the air, leaving echoes of peril to linger across the limo. It was dark inside— the luxurious car was bombarded by smoke from the cigar that was exhaled by an individual who sat in the darkest corner. His deep, life-threatening voice sent immediate shivers that carried electricity, throughout the system of David who flinched at the vibrations of his voice. There— David sat ten seconds away from the unknown individual, where the one bulb was illuminating fear as it caressed his veins. He was visibly shaking like a leaf, his whole body was covered in sweat. The unknown man behind the shadows made a four with his legs shortly after throwing out peals of guffaws that further influenced aghast to envelope itself on David's figure. DAVID— the only thing he'd do was to nod whenever thro
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Remember me?
But I Saw Him!—–TRAVIS PARK"I'm…I know that it may be early, but since you asked, you failed your first mathematical test and this brings down your percentage points!" The tiny, sensitive organ began to pound strongly and steadily, against Travis's chest. Words scattered across his head, influencing a headache to take over instead. His eyes widened— he felt like everything was floating as if he were on a ship that was carried away by a strong current. Hair on every part of his body stood up, gearing up to run away, if possible. His dilated eyes with fear, mixed with confusion, only darted around from one place to another, as if searching for something. That was it. That was how he remembered yesterday when Mrs Lee broke the news to him— news that carried evilness that paralyzed his soul. Those dreadful words hid in the core of his wonderland, preventing him from entering inside. They played again in his head for the millionth time now, discouraging him from thinking of anythin
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TRAVIS: Slave To My Thoughts
["I Am Haunted, Can Anyone Hear Me?"]"Shh! Everything is going to be fine. Just...breathe!" A shuddering Travis spoke in a quivering whisper. His dry lips were trembling as words stuffed themselves under his tongue while some scattered throughout his head. His tear-filled eyes were watching the sun through the window as it bathed the school buildings with its warmth. He silently watched a group of learners as they were leisurely walking with gleaming smiles pasted on their faces. A piece of his heart that was wildly throbbing against his chest, broke as soon as his ears caught the soft giggles exhaled by the learners. He was not aware of a waterfall of tears that was flooding the floor of his reddened cheeks. The urge to swallow a pill that he has been clasping in his shuddering hand only grew strong. "Will I ever…?" Travis spoke in a breaking murmur. He was breathing heavily with regret immediately after he had thrown the pill in his dry mouth. He closed his eyes tight and bega
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My Secret Place!
"A smile so shamelessly radiant— it cages my heart with its warmth. I must be going crazy, I think!" A jubilant David shouted quietly to himself. His dark, brown eyes were shimmering with sparkles of merriment. At this point, he could not help but dwell once again, in the memory that was created yesterday— for it to be kept in the chambers of his heart. A shy yet colourful smile published itself on his scarlet, tiny, heart-shaped lips whilst he recalled a bright, enchanting twinkle in Travis's eyes that were intensely staring into his eyes. —"I…!" Travis aired while he unconsciously bit his lower lip, shortly after lowering his eyes. He closed them as he fished his head for "right" words and took a shy step towards David whose heart was vehemently beating against the wall of his chest— steadily and carefully as if afraid it'll burst. A lump rose to dance shamelessly in the core of his throat, making breathing hard for him. "I…I am sorry about…earlier! I am really…sorry!" In an a
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A bleeding heart
["Mightily Broken!"] A cold night; The wind was moaning, kissing the skin of David who was plodding along a dark lane in the depths of the decay zone of the city. His boots sadly crunched on the gravel that was decorated by dead leaves that laid on the ground, only they knew for how long. His hands were carefully thrown in the rooms of his trousers pockets. Engines were heard throbbing from distances. The night sky was aglow with lucent city lights and huge families of stars that looked like a large hand that had tossed diamonds into the sky. Above David's shuddering figure was the crescent moon that shone like a silvery claw that was the only brightest light source for David. He; who was beflooded by happiness and the bitterness of guilt, loomed in the impenetrable blackness of the night with a mind inundated with poisonous thoughts that were adequately sweet to wander unto. "Someone like him…! Will I ever get him?" David asked himself in a brittle, shaking voice. The wind conti
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I must come first!
"He should have arrived by now!" Travis said thoughtfully as he fiddled with the sleeves of his school jacket. His eyes nervously pasted themselves on the classroom door, hoping for David to walk in any time now. His heart was abnormally hammering against his chest whilst his eyes were darting from one place to another. Normally, David would be in class right now, studying Travis's face when he thought that Travis was not looking— ensuring that he caught the tiniest details on Travis's face.He would be right next to Travis reciting poems just to get Travis's attention, not just his attention, but prompt him to join as he played with English words. It was already 8:40 am and fortunately, the teachers were said to be caught up in a rendezvous. "Should I have accompanied him home…?!" Travis whispered a query under his breath. As frightening and exciting as it was, he began drumming his fingers on the table, his armpits sweating profusely due to agitation. "Damn it! I don't even have
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Will you be my friend?
["Tears That Flow Silently!"]"We are suddenly afraid to look at each other. Is it because of what had taken place back in the infirmary? Could it be?" Travis said silently to himself while he awkwardly opened his book and he stealthily watched David as he pretended to be writing. The air was intensely cold around them and they would engage in small talks that starved for life. "That kiss meant nothing! Was it really a kiss?" Travis thought as he pleaded in his head to make up words that he'd use to speak with David. Nothing seemed to make sense in Travis's head— as far as he knew, that was an accidental kiss and even though it was, why would David suddenly distance his words from his ears? "Not because of that! Is it? I'm not jealous, now am I? What am I thinking!?" David spoke silently with his inner self as he dwelled in his world that drove him far away from reality. He leaned his head on his cheek and without knowing it, he filled his book with Travis's name. "David?" Travi
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My unspoken words!
David Chwe's Pov: "What's he thinking about? He is hardly breathing!" Words floated in my head, caging my thoughts with poison that was hidden in their flames. Some words chose to hide themselves in the chambers of my throat— so spiky and noxious, I was disadvantaged from voicing my concerns out. His eyes once gleaming with happiness were now pale; no emotion was colouring itself on his features. For some obscure reason, I found the importance to ask myself if I had done something he did not find friendly. He suddenly wore a face that I feared— a face that was dreadfully cold for my heart to accept. It made utters scatter away in my head, leaving my lips with nothing to puff. I tried to make noises just to catch his attention, but alas! I failed immensely. Somehow, I didn't want to stand the coldness in his gaze because it encouraged my veins to be enslaved by shivers that extinguished the life of all the confidence I had mastered just to use in his presence. I quietly watched as
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