Sweetly Tempted

Sweetly Tempted

By:  Cassandra Kim  Completed
Language: English
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Flynn inherited his father's million pound chocolate business at 18 and is secretly gay. He's very far into the closet due to his upbringing and lives with two fears. One is that he will ruin his father's business and the other is that someone will work out that he is gay. Lucas, his new employee is the opposite. He's openly gay and very flirty. Or rather, he constantly flirts with Flynn. As time passes, Flynn finds it harder to pretend that he's not gay and that he doesn't like Lucas as more than his best employee. He's also been plagued by dreams that seem to be from his childhood where he made a promise with someone who feels like Lucas. Lucas' problem is that Flynn doesn't remember him and doesn't feel he deserves to be happy. Lucas' mission is to make Flynn happy, but it's going to be a hard one.

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57 Chapters
First Encounter
It was a hot summer’s day with a perfectly blue sky and a soft breeze. The weather was perfect for a garden party. It was that perfect point in the summer when most flowers were in bloom and it’s considered acceptable to laze around in the su
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Second Encounter
Will you formally promise that? Lucas woke up and smiled at the memory of his dream. It was highly fitting that he had experienced that dream again. The dream that was merely a memory of something that had happened in the past.
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Third Encounter
Flynn’s mind made an attempt to recover from the shock revelation. He needed to verify some important things first. “If you have no business connections to your parents, then it would not bother me that your parents run my biggest rival compa
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Fourth Encounter
Flynn stared at Henry blankly in bewilderment. What he had just said hadn't made sense to him in the slightest. He and Lucas had met before? 
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Fifth Encounter
Lucas walked down the carpeted corridor leading back to the reception area of Chadwick’s Creations with a lot of confusion swirling around in his mind. He had a lot of questions and the meeting had not gone as he had planned in his head. 
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Sixth Encounter
Lucas elected to turn up at the agreed location twenty minutes early in order to impress the love of his life. Flynn’s secretary had sent him an email the evening before detailing the address of the patisserie. 
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Seventh Encounter
Every time Lucas flirted with him, Flynn was never sure if he was being serious or if he was one of those people that like to tease excessively. He didn’t know which option would be more upsetting. 
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Eighth Encounter
They walked back to the area of the office at a comfortable speed. Lucas had model worthy long legs whereas Flynn had inherited his family’s short height and always had trouble keeping up with taller people. Instead of rushing on ahead, Lucas kept a pace that he could match. 
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Ninth Encounter
“Did you bring me back any treats from your test run?” Sarah asked the moment he walked out the lift.Flynn guessed that she had been eagerly awaiting her snacks and produced a bag of chocolate from his laptop case. Sarah squealed at the sight and he smiled.She was always so enthusiastic about sweet things and pretty much everything else. His work life at the company would be much harder if she wasn’t there to liven the mood and support him.“I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me,” she said happily and took the bag from his hand. “Did you get everything ironed out with the chocolate menu?”“Mostly,” he confirmed and continued along the corridor to his office. “The patisserie menu will be done tomorrow.”Sarah fell into step next to him. She clearly had something to say to him.“It feels strange to think that after all these months of planning, it’s almost ready to open. I was so happy even when it managed to get past the board of directors so I will probably be in tears on the opening day
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Tenth Encounter
Lucas held his breath with anticipation.  Had Flynn remembered their first meeting yet?
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