Start of a Journey

Cassandra stood still next to Alicia who had her head bowed and eyes closed. She wasn't sure what had gotten into her cousin, Alicia didn't normally frequent taking journeys into the Third Realm and go to the heart of darkness. Even though Cassandra had been tasked with seeking out this dark presence she had felt before leaving Galaxia, she didn't think that Alicia would be so quick to follow after her. Although her cousin hadn't been the same since she had spoken about the dream or as she called it 'vision'.  Cassandra knew her cousin well enough to know that she was afraid. What caused her mind to ache was that she couldn't figure out what Alicia was so shaken and terrified over. She had the powers of a Goddess yet she allowed images within a dream affect her judgement. Her pondering came to a halt as Alicia suddenly stepped forward and faced the Guardian. 

"Are you prepared to enter beyond the Veil of Time and Shadows?" the Guardian asked in his gho

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