Epilogue - John

I knew that having my mate at my side would complete me. That the emptiness I had felt would fade away because she would fill the void. And I know I had been apprehensive, at best, when I met Sarael in her flower shop. The idea of a human mate terrified me. I didn’t want to put her in danger, but I quickly realized I couldn’t live without her.

The day she agreed to be with me, to me marking her, had been the happiest of my life. But then that was overshadowed three months ago when she agreed to marry me. I knew her style didn’t usually lean to the side of bling, and she might have preferred a simplier ring. But I risked it and gave my mother’s ring. And if the fact three months later, I still sometimes catch her staring at it is an indication I made the right choice.

Despite that, it’s a longer drive to her shop we have settled into our new life living together. I no longer survive on what clothes I could fit into the two provided drawers at her house. We have a massive shared walk-
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Bridgette Mcgarvin
When is The Reluctant Alpha coming to us to read? I am trying to be patient waiting. But I am not good at waiting.
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Anna Marie
another awesome story! can't wait to read book 3 :D
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Read The Reluctant Alpha to find out more on that
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