Chapter 55 - Yūri

**The Present***

“Those mother fuckers!” Forrest exclaimed as Hibiki finished telling them about what happened in the hospital in Tulsa. “Pretty on par with their MO.” Elijah shrugged.

“But it’s just crazy. Who does that? I mean, yes, I know, obviously my great grandfather. But still. Who but some comic book villain offers to pay someone off to leave someone and threatens their family if they don’t.” Riko sighed.

“Sweetheart, your dad lied to you, stole your phone, broke up with us via text, kept everyone  away from you till it all blew up in his face.” Darius reminded her.

Riko sighed. “Yes, I know. And that was bullshit.” she frowned, folding her arms. “Also not totally unheard of. Did


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