Chasing Kitsune

Chasing Kitsune

By:  Bryant  Completed
Language: English
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Yūri: I was raised in this world of shadows, violence, and blood. It isn't the life I would choose, but I don't get a choice. I'm my father's only child and heir. I've been groomed to lead our clan's yakuza. I want to be free. And one way or another, I'm going to be. I just need to get away from my family and avoid the sexy detective who's on my tail. Hibiki: This case could make or break my career. I'm pretty sure my captain gave me the Kitsune case just to see me fail. No one has been able to catch her, and now I'm expected to. It would be easier to focus on the case if I could stop daydreaming about that naked protestor. I didn't even get her name. This book is a prequel/sequel to The Princes of Ravenwood. You do not need to have read The Princes of Ravenwood to enjoy this book, but it is encouraged. Ravenwood Series Reading Order: Book 1 - The Princes of Ravenwood Book 2 - Chasing Kitsune Book 3 - Expect The Unexpected Book 4 - Out Of My League Book 5 - Man's Best Wingman

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Tiffany Seales Hill
I don't know why it took me so long to read about Hibiki and Yūri love story. I absolutely love it! I always knew Grandma Yūri was a badass. They truly were the perfect for one another.
2023-11-30 07:49:02
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Shanta' Browning
This is a GREAT follow up to Princes of Ravenwood. Seriously a great read. A well put together blend of action, romance, and humor. So good.
2023-05-06 16:17:23
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So much sauce! This story will give you palpitations. ...
2023-04-28 08:06:10
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Monica Jones
loved the book
2022-07-09 19:05:50
user avatar
Once you start, u won't be able to put this down!!! I sure couldn't. Great story, characters are amazing, especially the FL is going to blow your mind with her personality! There's no way to go wrong with Bryant's books!! Her writing is truly captivating, her characters are believable. Enjoy!)
2022-02-16 00:24:30
default avatar
Jae Pickett
I can’t wait. I didn’t even know this book was here. Princes of Ravenwood was awesome and Grandma Yuri was badass; now I get to read her and her hubby’s story… Yup, I’m excited!!!
2022-02-02 10:58:55
user avatar
What an amazing book! You never disappoint
2021-11-22 11:42:54
user avatar
Fascinating story! Love how it is related to The Princes of Ravenwood, which I loved. Great that the story is based in Boston, my hometown. Yuri is such a trip! She just makes me lmao by her outrageous & awesome attitude & mouth! Hahaha, the stuff she says, much of which is dirty! ; )
2021-11-16 14:23:43
default avatar
Digging how the story ties in with the Princes of Ravenwood. What time do you usually upload new chapters?
2021-10-28 17:43:36
default avatar
adlyn cardona
I’m really enjoying Kitsune story! Highly recommended and keeps you guessing what’s next! Great job author!
2021-09-19 13:16:01
62 Chapters
I love getting to come to visit our granddaughter in Boston. I hated those long years after Saki died that our asshole son-in-law would make every excuse under the sun not to let us visit. I still have days I want to wring his little neck. I may be pushing eighty, but I still know how to kill a man. The only reason I haven’t killed him is my sweet, forgiving granddaughter and her very supportive and handsome boyfriends.And yes, I said, boyfriends. My granddaughter is putting her mom and me to shame with her game. So fucking proud of the woman she’s become, and I know my Saki would be too. I smiled as we rang the doorbell to their cute place near campus. I noticed the door across the hall slightly ajar and a narrowed eye watching us.“Ignore it.” Hibiki softly muttered, rubbing my back. He knows me. And he knows well enough that I won&rs
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Chapter 1 - Yūri
It was 1972, and I was very much about the women's liberation movement. I'd spent too long being controlled by someone else. Being told what, when, and how to do something by someone else. Correction. It wasn't just someone else. It was by my father. And I've had enough. We've been living in America for six years, and I'd gotten a taste for the freedom this land of dreams offered. And my father didn't like it.“YURI!” my father bellowed. His voice echoing off the empty corridors of the house. I rolled my eyes, flipping my long black hair over my shoulder. I didn’t give a flying fuck what he had to say. I’m twenty-four years old, and I am done with him trying to control my life. In general, I am done with men, trying to dictate what I can and cannot do. And that’s exactly why I’m heading to this protest. “We are so
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Chapter 2 - Hibiki
****The Present**** I stifled a smile at the looks on their faces. They looked somewhere between shock and awe just at the tidbit my darling wife has told them. “Holy shit! Granny, you dirty, dirty girl!” Forrest laughed. “So that’s where Riko gets it. We assumed just from talking to you. But that… wow.” Elijah smirked. Riko was covering her face trying to hide her blush.  Yūri, of course, laughed. “That’s well. It’s impressive.” Darius nodded. “You obviously have heard all this before.” he nodded at me. “Of course. I mean, I lived it. And once we were together, we didn’t keep secrets.” I shrugged. “Well, now we want to know all the secrets.” Forrest smirked. “Not the details! I don’t want the details.” Riko shook her head.  Yūri scoffed at her. “Oh, Riko, sweetie. You know we have sex. I mean, if we didn’t, your mo
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Chapter 3 - Yūri
As I pulled into the compound, I spotted Hachiro waiting on the steps with his arms folded and his default blank expression on his face. I know he’s capable of other expressions. I’ve seen his face when he cums. Hard to forget that. And I’ll admit it’s hard to take him seriously anymore. Not that I took him seriously before. “Mistress…” he sighed, stone-cold brown eyes trailing over my outfit with disapproval. “Your father is furious. You made the news.” he gruffly commented. “Tell me something new. Father is always angry. And good. I’m glad we made the news. This is an important moment in history, and if even in a small way my actions can implement the change, I’m happy.” I shrugged, slinging my jacket over my shoulder as I walked past him.Hachiro muttered something under his
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Chapter 4 - Yūri
****The Present****“Wow! I mean… we knew you were a badass but wow!” Forrest stared at me gobsmacked. This boy is just adorable. “So what happened next? What did you do to your dad and Mayu’s dad?” Elijah questioned. “Did the clan end up splitting between those loyal to him and you?” Darius questioned. I laughed at how adorably curious they were.“You can’t expect me to spill all the tea in one sitting.” I laughed. “But I want to know what happened to my great grandfather.” Riko pouted. “Awe, cupcake. Patience is a virtue. Or should we remind you after your grandparents go to their hotel?” Elijah teased, kissing her neck. I chuckled at the blush that bloomed on her face. “Well, then we sh
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Chapter 5 - Hibiki
It’d been three days since the orgy incident, and Captain McGuire dumped the Kitsune case on me. I was getting nowhere with the case. She hasn’t made a move, and I’ve yet to see a real pattern. Well beyond that, everyone she’s killed and most she’s attacked are criminals. But then there are people in the mix that have no criminal record and are the ones that don't want to talk to the cops about what happened.“UGH!” I groaned, leaning my head back to hit the wall behind my sofa. I rubbed my hands over my face and up into my hair, removing my top knot, my dark hair falling just past my chin. This is going to drive me crazy if I keep looking at it. I push the folder away on the coffee table and jump to my feet. “I need food. And a drink, or ten.” I sighed, sliding my feet into my black and white Adidas s
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Chapter 6 - Yūri
It’s been three days since my blowout with my father. Mayu, Hachiro, and I have been staying at the beach house. However, I’ve not spent much time there, having crashed with Trevor and Sebastian for a couple of days. It was fun and a good way to relax. Also, Trevor made the minor repairs to my baby after the whole crashing through the gate. And it lets Mayu and Hachiro have the place to themselves.Let them play house. It’ll be good for them. And me getting away from the compound was good for me. To get away from my father and the urge to slit his throat. My blade still thirsts for his blood. Kitsune still desires his head on a pike. But that needed to be thought through. I was planning my rebellion, gathering my followers.A number in the clan, especially of my generation, was more than willing to follow me instead of my father. I was out in
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Chapter 7 - Hibiki
****The Present****“OKAY, I think that’s enough details.” Riko quickly announced, looking more than a little uncomfortable. She had stood up suddenly from the dining table—my poor granddaughter. For someone far from innocent or naive about intimacy, she’s still timid and reserved. I suppose that’s something she gets from her father. Her boyfriends, however, suffer from no such shyness. “What? But it was just getting good.” Forrest pouts. Yes, I said pouts. The boy is going to be twenty-one, and he’s pouting because he’s not getting the juicy details of the first time Yūri and I slept together. He’s an odd one but endearing in his own ways.“Forrest.” Riko rolled her eyes, smacking his shoulder. “Would you like me to call your grandmothers
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Chapter 8 - Yūri
When I’d woken my sex coma, I looked around the dark studio apartment. I was on the futon with a very naked and very tasty Hibiki. My thighs still ached from our fun, yet my core was craving more. When I went to move to try and wake him up for another round with a blow job, I knocked down a folder. It shouldn’t have caught my attention. I should have just given him the blow job. But instead, I glanced at the papers, and my breath caught in my throat. Carefully I moved off the futon and picked up the papers. This was a police file on me. I gulped as I glanced at his sleeping form. I knew sleeping with a cop was a bad idea. But I would never have imagined he was the cop chasing Kitsune.Knowing that he’s after me means I can’t see him again. I can’t risk him finding out I’m Kitsune. It was dangerous enough risking him fin
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Chapter 9 - Hibiki
****The Present**** I could see the varied expressions on their faces. Darius remained stoic, unfazed by it all. Elijah had his eyebrows raised as high as they could as he looked at my wife with a new sense of either respect or fear or maybe both. Probably both. Forrest… that boy was smiling like a fool. He’s heard some of her tales from assassinations back in Japan, so he didn’t seem surprised at all.  Riko, though, our sweet granddaughter, was pale. It is one thing to be aware of illegal and violent activities. Your mind can handle that. But it is quite another to hear the details and know you are not only sitting in a room with a killer but are of their blood. She’s said nothing we tell her would change her feelings about us. But that’s a hard promise to keep. “Riko?” Yūri frowned, reaching to try and hold our grandda
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