I was just shaken by his shout. The place was dark and only the noises of cricket and his shout could be heard. The air was also very cold, probably carried by the huge trees around us.

I smiled when I faced the werewolf who was now tied to a large tree. And I couldn’t help myself but to grin because he was about to kill me with his looks.

"Calm down," I said before slowly pulling out the sword that was attached to my waist.

Well, he's stupid, eh. It took me five days just to see him. This one is very smart. He didn’t know that my time was so important.

"Y-You're Prodigy?"

I smiled again.

"Don't you know it's bad to cursed? You might go to hell with that, idiot."

My sword shine when the moon ray landed on it. His eyes widened when he saw how long it was. Well, I am known for using the sword as killing the Rouges. Some hunters say it's old -fashioned whenever they meet me but I don't care. I'm much better than them so why should I be affected? Some of the hunters now uses gun.

"Brother, they're coming! Are you going to kill that or what? It's a waste of time!" shout of my brother standing on one of the tree branches.

"You deceived me! Why didn't you say you were hunters?"

I couldn’t help but laugh. Now it looks like I don’t have to use my sword anymore. I was no longer surprised when my brother's shuriken hit his forehead.

"Why did you preceded me?" I asked him.

He jumped down the tree. And walked over to get his shuriken from the wolf's forehead.

"I already know why this one became Rouge. Definitely removed from the pack because of stupidity," he replied.

I heard foot steps not far away.

"Let's go," I said before going to thw wolf's place.

I grabbed his hair and cut his neck. When we left, we heard howls.

"Matt," I said to my brother as we ran.

He turned around. "Hmm?"

"Go to sleep. I'll just take it to the officials."

"Can you eat first brother?" he asked smiling at me.

I would travel four hours just to deliver this head. I was just amazed. This brother of mine is really weird. At age 16 he is almost older when you think of someone like me who is 20.

We passed through smoky alleys. No more people. No life. Sadly, our village was one of the centers of the war. War against wolves and Humans.

When we got home we were immediately surprised because someone was standing there, a human.

No, he is not human. He is not a normal person. We were immediately pushed back. 

"What do you need?" I asked.

He turned around. There we saw his gray eyes. His nose is piercing and his skin is pale. He just grinned and didn't answer. 

"Will you answer or I will cut your head off? Go, choose wisely," my brother said. 

The man shake his head. "Chill. It's against the law for you to do that kid," he replied. 

My brother and I looked at each other. He's not Rouge. We can't kill him. 

"Just answer my question, mister. Don't waste our time," I said, causing him to look at me. His gaze landed on my hand. 

"Woah, isn't that at the top of the wanted list? Looks like you're the one I'm looking for ... Prodigies." 

"Tell your companions to come out and not surround us," I commanded. 

It made him laugh. "I thought you didn't notice." He clapped three times. "Show yourself, guys," he said, causing his three companions to come out. Unlike him they are weaker. I am sure. 

He threw a gray envelope. My brother and I looked at each other. Only one pack uses this kind of enveloped. 

"I'm from the North. We went to the center but the officials didn't allow us to take your address. But our pack is in a big chaos. Our Alpha needs your help."

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