Chapter Eleven

It was early the next morning, I didn't sleep too well last night as my dad was just running around my head. I haven't allowed myself to think about him since it happened, Marley really went through it so I had to be strong for him, and well the rest of my family. But now I was away from them, I felt like I didn't need to put on that act anymore.

I make my way to the kitchen for a drink, but stop abruptly when I reach the door, Morgan was sat at the counter drinking what looked like coffee. He looks up noticing me, his face lighting up. I turn on my heels beginning to walk away, but he calls my name eventually being able to grab my arm.

"Miya, please I'm not finished telling you what happened," he says, holding my arm in a tight grip, I rip my arm away continuing my journey away from him.

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