I gasped with the shock of fresh oxygen

Entering my casket

After months of monotony

In my tired mind

How was it they cried

Who knew me the least?

And those who did,

Enjoyed a feast

After I left for heavenly abode

Or so they thought

Snickering, I took deep breaths

I was here...

I was finally here!

I live for eternity

“For from dust I came and dust I became”

Did me no scathe

And now I had slept on the wrath

Of the build that homed my memories

They soothed my calvaries

Like a balm of a new mother’s lullaby

And I hinted at all the sighs

That shed a tear or two in play

They’d have to suffer a greater delay

For there was no angels and no heaven to pave

Their way into this darkened mist

I am the walking wish

Of every lover

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