Melvina snatched the piece of paper gingerly from the door, removing the knife as well, her hands quaking with anger and fear at the same time. She didn't know what to think of the matter.

Taking steps back, she fell dumply into the sofa from which she had stood up from when she had seen the stuck paper at the door first. Her body was slightly shaking. They had threatened her little daughter. Whomsoever had taken her friend, had eyes also for her five year old daughter, and then, her son's mate.

Give them Emma, or lose Eva??

She can't give up any of them. She thought, as my mind filled with thoughts about her cheerful little daughter and the lively but mysterious redhead. 

Eva was her beloved daughter whom she had had when the doctors had said it was impossible. Her daughter was a miracle. She couldn't lose her. No. She might lose her sanity if she did. The little girl was more purer than the sp

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Helen F Rayford
I am enjoying your book but, when are you going to let Emma find out what she truly is so we will know. I have my thoughts on the subject but.....

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