Chapter 26: 20th birthday Kiss?

Elena pov. 

I remained there not knowing what exactly was going on in my head, then I saw that photo on the table which made me move quickly heading towards where it was and taking it into my hands...and then embraced it.

" my Vincent, you have no idea how I miss you " I begin my eyes drawn onto the photo. 

" I had no photo of you , I was not able to get any from home. You have no idea what I went through when you left me " I continue tears now flowing from my eyes. 

" Vince, you left me with those ruthless animals, those animals ruined me if my innocence, the only thing that truly belonged to me when you left " I pour out my heart without me knowing. 

All those thinks that happened to me that day keep coming back to me . The memory that I have tried as much as I can to forget but as you all know it is so difficult to forget such a thing.

" no, no no leave me, let me go , you are my cousin " tears flow down of my eyes . H

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