129. Under The Candle Light


Kiara had left, and although my mind was on her, I tried to focus on the game. I was winning… I think so anyway.

"And I win." Marcel said, showing his hand.

Raf groaned tossing his cards down, and I smirked, showing my hand.

"You mean I win." I said, arrogantly.

"Fine. You’re damn good." Marcel replied grudgingly.

"You both are, you should really have some sympathy on your elder brother." Raf complained, picking up his glass.

I have no fucking idea why he was so weird.

"You’re a fucking weirdo." I remarked.

"You still love me." He grinned.

"Shouldn’t you be minding Dante?" I asked, ignoring his comment and lighting a cigarette.

Avoiding smoking around Dante was probably the next hardest thing to do, after not getting enough time with Kiara. Although I was sure the fucker could heal, I mean, Kiara could heal him every other month... The smoke wouldn’t affect him... But damn, I was taking

Moonlight Muse

:( thank you for reading, writing this chapter really got me emotional! Tomorrow I will upload the epilogue to this book. I do hope you all enjoyed this chapter.

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love your books!!
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Mira Mitchell
Awwww, I love this book so much
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Doris Alag Piano
I love it....even if i spent too much I can afford because I am poor but my mind and heart sank on it...thank you writer for mind blowing story.

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