Chapter 122 - Not knowing how to love

Jared scanned the headline nonchalantly "Engaged Casanova?" 

   Warning alarms went off in his head as he thought of the one person that was engaged, that could get this rise from Tyler because of the dirt on his name.

   And just as he feared, his eyes took in the almost blurred picture of Xavier entering a hotel with two scantily dressed women. There was no mistaking that, that was Xavier despite the poor quality of the image and that disturbed him as his eyes were now fixated on Tyler who was still looking smug.

   Maya, he thought standing up quickly as he prayed that she hadn't seen this because the last thing he wanted was for her to have a mental breakdown because of her foolish insensitive fiance.

   "Where are you going to?" Tyler eyed him.

   "I need to make sure that Maya doesn't see this."

   "Too late. That must have been the first headline that she saw immediately

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