I’m still a little scared of what is to come, but with the pleasure and sparks still running through me, I give him a slight nod. He then goes back to sucking on the spot where his mark will go and I feel his fangs lengthen, he scrapes them along the skin a couple of times making a shiver of pleasure flow through me again before he sinks them in, as the pain gives way to pure pleasure, he thrusts his hips forward hard tearing through my innocence and burying himself deep inside me in one move. He holds himself still and tight to me as I scream out with the pain, all pleasure now gone and tears falling out of the corner of my eyes. He removes his fangs from where his mark now is and he swipes his tongue over the skin to seal it. He moves his kisses, trailing them back up my neck to my lips, and then he looks into my eyes. “Butterfly? Are you okay?”

“It hurts Soren… Why did you??” I can’t help t
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