I wake up in the late morning surrounded by Scarlett’s scent and her wrapped tightly in my arms, but I can also smell fresh blood. I tried to keep Soren from blocking me out last night, but the combination of the blood moon, Scarlett’s wolf, recognizing the mate bond, and then that encounter with Sharon, one of our old lovers, made it really hard. I just hope he didn’t do anything that I will regret today, but I have a feeling that he has, especially with smelling the fresh blood and it is Scarlett’s. I really hope he didn’t force the mating on her last night. She deserves love, not just giving him some quick pleasure. “Soren??”

Yyeess Nix?” He lazily answered while giving a small hiss sigh of satisfied content

“What did you do with our Butterfly last night?”

Well, I
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