The Nightmare

The Nightmare

By:  Sleepykitten13  Completed
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"I do trust you. I don't trust anyone else though. I can't even trust my own brother with you! Let alone my friends, pack or Alpha." he growled. 'I knew this was a bad idea. I should just go back to the forest!" I yelled back. Craig suddenly had me pinned against the seat. He straddled me and had me caged in his arms. 'You aren't leaving me ever! You are mine and I am yours. We are meant to be by each other's side. I will not allow you to leave!" Kitty was 15 when the world changed. Now her life is a living nightmare as she tries to survive in the woods without being discovered by one of the roving packs of supernatural beings. A secret about her and some lost friends may change everything but with it be for the better? Will her old friend become her new love? Can she trust the alpha to keep her safe? Kitty is thrust in a world of werewolves and vampires. Where no one is who she once thought they were.

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82 Chapters
I was 15 when everything changed. I was completely unprepared for my entire life to be upended. No one was. I still remember the expression my Dad had when he realized that what was happening. My nightmares won't let me forget. That face haunts my nights and then I wake to the real nightmare, my new life. Let me back track though, we'll start at the beginning.My name is Katherine Hudson but my friends all call me Kitty. I started as a fairly normal 15 year old. I grew up in a small town in Indiana right near Lake Michigan. We lived a couple hours from Chicago. I lived near the woods and spent most of my weekends camping out there when I was in middle school, a fact that has saved my life more than once. I was considered kinda nerdy in middle school but things were changing since I started high school. I made the freshman cheer squad and had made friends with some of the popular kids. I still loved my old nerd friends though.For as long
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During Part 1
"Thanks for picking me up" I said to Dad as I got into the car."No problem, sweetie. How was the dance?" He asked.I told him about the fun we had and how nice it was to spend time with the girls last night."Did you get the pictures that we took?" I asked and he nodded."I did. They were awesome. Thanks! What are you planning on doing for the rest of the day?" Dad asked."I have homework and then sleep. I'm exhausted" I replied and Dad nodded. I got right to work when we got home as Dad worked around the house. I finally finished a couple hours later, right as Dad walked back in from mowing the lawn."Do you want some lunch?" Dad offered and I nodded. We made some sandwiches and went into the living room to eat. Dad turned on the news. It was in the middle of a strange story."We aren't sure what is causing the rash of illnesses
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During Part 2
WednesdayI got up late and went to the kitchen after making a trip to the bathroom. I was surprised to see that Dad wasn't up yet. I made a bowl of cereal and went to watch the news. The reports were terrifying. This illness was now being dubbed The Nightmare since it made you sleep more and more until you just didn't wake up. The Nightmare was being reported in every country in the world and every state in the US."It's impossible to determine the death toll or how many are infected at this time. Officials are now advising to stay home if possible. The hospitals are overrun as are all clinics and doctor offices. Stay home. Stay safe" the anchor said as my Dad finally walked in. I quickly turned off the tv."How are you?" I asked with concern. Dad grinned at me."I'm fine. I just stayed up too late" He replied and I nodded."Lets watch some movie
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The Woods
WednesdayI got up early and ate my berries while I made a list of things to pack. The house was too dangerous to stay in if the radio was right. I was going to have to start moving food and provisions to my various campsites to be safe. On top of that, I made a pack that I would need to keep with me at all times. That's the list I was working on.RadioFlashlightFire starterStakeKnifeFlaresSomething ironSomething silverBow and arrowsFood and water for one dayI looked at my list and hoped that I was remembering everything. I wasn't very good with the bow, Dad bought it for me after I read Hunger Games and begged him for one. I tried to shoot with it a few times but got bored. I was going to have to remedy that. I grabbed my strongest book bag and filled it with the items, adding a picture of Mom and Dad and one of all my friends in a bi
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I drifted in and out of consciousness as I tried to stay awake to figure a way out of this mess."Dammit, Clay! I told you not to follow me!" I heard a voice yell. Clay? and that voice... I knew it."I'm glad that I did. You know that one of us should just bite her now. The pack is going to lose their minds over her. You or I will have to claim her and look at her! We will have to fight every wolf around" another voice said. I recognized the voices. Both of them. And what were they talking about? Pack? Wolf? I felt myself being lifted up."She's so sick. We can't just leave her. Mom will know what to do. Grab her pack and bow." the first voice said. I fluttered my eyes open and saw one of my oldest and most trusted friends."Craig? Am I dead?" I asked, confused. He smiled down at me as he carried me through the forest."No. You'
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  I looked toward Craig's family and smiled."I would like to thank you for all your hospitality. I would hate to overstay my welcome so I can leave if I'm causing difficulties" I began. Craig's dad stepped forward and hugged me."Of course not! You are like family. We can't let you live alone in the woods" he said as he let me go."Thanks, Mr. O'Brien" I replied."Call me Johnny" he said as he led me over to the couch.I hugged Maria and then Clay."Hey, Kitty" Clay said but he wouldn't look in my eyes.I looked at him closely. I remembered what he said l
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 "Have you decided about joining the pack?" Colton asked after a moment."Can I sleep on it?" I asked.I wanted to talk it over with Craig but I was pretty sure that I was going to join."Sure." Colton agreed."I made us lunch, lets all go into the dinning room" Maria suggested and we followed her.Craig held my hand and sat next to me at the table."Do you need help?" I asked Maria."Sure! Thanks! Can you help me bring everything out?" Maria asked and I stood up.Craig followed me. We both took out dishes and Craig g
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 I looked at Clay first. He wouldn't look at me at first but he finally looked into my eyes. I saw a fire there but I didn't know what caused it. Anger or lust? I wondered.{He's mad that Craig is going to be Alpha. He's also mad that Craig and you are close. He wants you. Be careful. His anger can change to something very dark} the voice in my head explained."Clay, I heard you last night. In the woods? You wanted to bite me. To change me. Without my consent." I said softly to him. His face went from confusion to shocked to embarrassed."I just wanted to protect you. From guys like Neil. And so you would be able to join the pack. I was afraid that you were going to die." Clay stammered.
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The Woods
 POV KittyI woke up the next morning in Craig's bed, in his arms. I was startled for a second but then everything came rushing back. He opened his eyes and looked at me."How'd you sleep, darlin'?" He asked. I looked at him and smiled."Good. I haven't slept that way in months" I confessed and he grinned at me.I stood up and ran to the bathroom. Craig went after I came back."What's the plan for today?" I asked when he came back.He shrugged."The meeting isn't until tonight and I'm off today, so we're free" he told me.
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POV Craig"Mom! We're home!" I called out."I'm in the kitchen. Come have lunch" Mom called.I smiled, knowing that both Kitty and I were starving. My mom was the best.Kitty took off her bow and arrows and we both took off our coats and hung them before walking to the kitchen. Mom and Clay were sitting at the table, eating sandwiches. Clay smiled at Kitty but sent a glare at me which I was happy to return."All the sandwich stuff is out over there. Help yourself. Abby should be here in a couple of hours." Mom told us.Kitty made a cheese and veggie sandwich while I stacked up meat on mine. We sat next to each other
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