Chapter 64


I wasn’t sure what to expect when Chasity issued her challenge. Brook accepting it, hadn’t been it though. On one hand, I had been looking forward to meeting her wolf, but I knew she had her reasons for keeping her wolf hidden. What was so special about her wolf, that she had to keep hidden though?

It had been weird when she told me she shifted at ten years old, which was far too young for anyone to shift into their wolf. Would her wolf really come out though? I wasn’t so sure, considering she has been hiding for so long.

“All challenges are to take place at the battle arena.” I said when Eric released Chasity.

Looking at Chasity now, she looked like perhaps she bit off more than she could chew. That tough girl bravado was long gone. She actually looked scared right now. I don’t know why she thought it was a good idea to issue a challenge in the first place. Since the last time, she had her ass handed to her by Brook.

Brook was the firs

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Bella Jersey
Is Chastity smart enough to submit or will Skye have to bat a fly?
goodnovel comment avatar
Skye speaks like he’s dead but I’m hopeful that he’s still alive but imprisoned by his brother the Alpha King because the king is jealous. Or he could have been killed by the king and Brook had to be hidden or she would have been killed also.
goodnovel comment avatar
Emma Lindberg
HALLELUJA, not a chapter to early to show the Goddamn shewolf!!!!

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