Chapter 64

I woke up as early as I could the next day, I could hardly sleep. I had to force myself to sleep seeing as I would actually need it but truthfully I felt guilty that I slept when Zane was prolly fighting for his life.

I got up from the bed and stretched a bit. My muscles were cramped from the flight yesterday but I had no time to dwell on it.

I stood up and walked into the bathroom, I had to see Zane as soon as possible but how? I had no idea.

I stepped into the shower and had my bath. A while later I finished, walking out of the bathroom and towel dried my body.

“Good morning, Noah called to ask if we got here safely.” She tells me and I smiled. Of course only Noah would call me and that’s because

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Oh oh Mr Creed might mean Eugene Creed… Eugene might be trying to take over Zane’s company while Zane and Markel are in hospital
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mavis-ann nunekpeku
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