Shattering the Luna
Shattering the Luna
Author: Sun girl


Isabella Wilson doesn't quite understand what was happening. Her parents didn't come to see her that day and her usual attendance at the court hearing was not possible.

   There seemed to be some unpleasant noise heard outside and a battle was going on. She was confined to her Chambers by her bodyguards and her Nanny's instructions.

      Soon her mother arrived and without a word, held her hand and was escaping, surrounded by a few warriors.

   She saw tears and many wounded already. She stumbled upon some lifeless bodies and she shivered in fear.

  Her mother was sniffling too. There had been a fight, she guessed. All that she knows about was that her mother rushed into her room and held her wrist passing through a secret passage at the  backdoor of the packhouse and was escaping into the forest.

   Isabella wondered why her mother escaped through a secret passage. Wasn't she the Luna and her father Alpha?

 She may not know the responsibility attached to those titles, but she quite understands that her father was in control of the entire pack.

   He is the final authority in the pack and other wolves submitted to him. He is loved by many and well respected.

  So why suddenly would her mother escape with her as if she was abducting her. She did know why but her mother is someone she could trust, hence she followed.

   She soon heard growls and noise of clashing. Her mother didn't look back but kept running. Soon some wolves joined her Mother and they went and hid in a certain cave.

  Her mother pushed her into the opening of the cave and followed her. She squatted and embraced her, her breathing was heightened and she shivered.

   Her mother was looking worried. She seemed to be afraid of what Isabella cannot tell. She was worried about her mother's looks and hugged her.

  The other wolves stayed at the entrance to the cave, with weapons, trying to protect her and her mother. 

  She could perceive her mother whimpering. Then she remembered that her father was not with them.

  " Momma, where is father?" She asked and her mother sighed audibly. " Your father is in danger, you have to stay here and wait for him," her mother replied.


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