I jolted awake, noticing that the sky was still dark. I couldn’t remember when but somehow we fell asleep. I wasn’t sure why I even woke up until I felt something poking behind my ass. I was wearing one of Josh’s big shirts and the hem lifted up, my bareback felt that thing touching me.

My face turned red as a tomato when I realized it was Josh’s erection grinding against me in his sleep. Is he even aware of what he's doing in his sleep? He had me in a tight embrace, spooning me from behind.

I flipped around to face him, trailing a finger down his jaw. It must have tickled him because he reached up to scratch the same spot. And I smiled teasing him again. He slightly opened his eyes and pulled me closer, kissing my temple, and closed his eyes again getting back to sleep.

Nothing happened last night, and I was glad he kept his promises to wait until our wedding night. He just wanted to sleep with me, cuddle with me and wr
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