“Yoo-Mi,” Jeonghan stayed with me on the floor hugging me tight for about 10 minutes or more. I hummed and he gave me small kisses on my head. “I’m sorry.”

We stared at each other for a long minute. I let out a sad whimper, my body betraying the little strength I wished I had right now.

His hand found my cheek and it felt like fire as it wiped the tears from my face. I tried to swallow, tried to breathe, tried to remind my heart to beat.

I always hated it when his chocolate eyes came into focus, they were shining with unshed tears.

Everything inside of me cracked wide open, like the earth when molten lava poured from its core, red, fierce and angry. I looked away, smacking his hands from my face.

He tilted my chin looking back at him, and the moment his lips slammed into mine, my entire world burst into flames.

He kissed me softly that made my senses reel as if short-circuited. Jeonghan kissed me dev
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