Chapter 15

David slid his cell phone into his pocket as he stepped onto Linda’s front porch.  He sighed as his index finger pressed the doorbell.  For the first time in his life, he had regrets for his behavior. With the exception of Theresa, the women he’d bedded in the past were carefully chosen for their tastes in the bedroom, as well as their ability to be discreet. 

Theresa was the woman he intended to marry. It was vital that she did not learn about the other women. She’d never understand, and she’d probably break it off with him.  The thought of losing her because of a loose mouth made his blood boil.

It wasn’t just the thought of losing Theresa that bothered him.  It was also the thought of losing the money she was to inherit. He needed that money in a bad way.  No one -not even Jeffrey- knew of the dire straits his financial portfolio was in.  He’d made some seriously bad investments and was almost br

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