Chapter 19

Jeffrey saw no sign of David during the two-week vigil he held in Theresa’s room.  It was just as well.  He was still angry enough to pound first and ask questions later.

Theresa was awake for a few days when Glenda brought the news that David and Pattie were married.  It seemed that Henry put his foot down and threatened to disinherit David if he didn’t do right by Pattie.  They’d done a paternity test and the babies David fathered were his.  When Jeffrey asked about Linda, Glenda said that when they demanded a paternity test, she admitted that she’d arrived in Montana with the baby already in her womb and that she was just trying to be crafty and railroad a man into marrying her.  Had Jeffrey been fool enough to sleep with her, he’d have been labeled the proud father.  Joan was so disgusted with her niece’s antics that she disowned her.  The last they heard, Linda was packing up and heading back in

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