Chapter 41: Lauryn

Waking up in his arms to the alarm, I remember last night and smile.  It's amazing how much pleasure I'm getting from something I never even took part in before.  Maybe it's because Darren is doing it to me, I don't know.

What I do know, is that he really loves me and wants me.  That's all I have ever dreamed of or wanted.  Now, between my job and Darren, I feel fulfilled and extremely happy. 

Last night was the start of our new life together and if I'm being honest, the start to a new beginning for me.  No more having to worry what people think, or what a man wants out of me.  I know fully well what Darren expects and wants from me.

With all my dreams coming true, I get up and take a shower while Darren works out at the gym.  When he gets back, I'm already ready to go and making him breakfast.  He walks in the kitchen after his shower and closes his eyes.

"Do you realize how wonderful that smells, especially w

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