Dark Love

Dark Love

By:  Pen Glowy  Completed
Language: English
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DARK ROMANCE: She listened as he stepped forward with his belt, moving closer to her and crowding her with the musky scent he was wearing. She fought to hold back her fear as finally, he came to stand behind her. She felt his fingers gently combing her hair down over her shoulders. Then he started speaking slowly, his deep voice starting to shake her demeanor as he talked to her.“You didn’t marry a soft knight in shining armor that will cuddle, ignore and pet you every time you choose to deliberately get out of line. I will punish you thoroughly for your disobedience...” (DARK LOVE STORY: After playing a reckless game, a spoiled and gullible girl did not expect to find herself in a serious relationship with an intriguing and no-nonsense guy who starts to discipline her.Author Notes: You can check out the "Dark Love" page on Facebook for fun and notifications like sequels, book trailer etc. Pen Glowy. Here is the Link: https://web.facebook.com/penglowy Watch the Dark Love Book Trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Br-TEXQT3s

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80 Chapters
"Who from hell is responsible for your pregnancy?” her father roared.As a Preacher, he was furious after discovering that while he preached for couples to remain innocent of sexual intimacy till marriage, his own daughter had gotten pregnant under his roof.“No…nobody.” she stuttered and immediately realized how foolish she sounded. Her father realized it too.“Oh, so you just magically got pregnant?” he questioned, incredulous.At this point, Inara’s mind had started working fast. She knew that she had to pin it on someone. But who? Who in her class was easy bait? Eric? No. He was a nerd and hardly spoke to anyone. Victor? No. Everyone knew that he was gay. Her friend Mike? It would be a betrayal. He was a nice guy and had a girlfriend. It would ruin their relationship.So who? Alex in the choir? He was an alto singer like her and they often scored songs together. He would be devastated and it would ruin his reputation as a good guy in church. Besides, he had already told her that he
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Memories of that night returned to her, vivid as sunlight rays casting their brilliant light upon the earth. What they called The Last Party had ended and all the guests were gone, leaving a messy living room for Inara and her friend Zee but that wasn’t their problem.Having nothing to worry about, they were seated over a deck of Whot Card game, willing to bet some part of their allowances already laid down on the floor as the house keeper in Zee’s home cleaned after the guests.Inside Zee’s room where they were, no one was winning and the game was getting boring hence, Inara dropped her remaining cards onto the furry rug in the middle of the room where they were seated.“I'm bored.” she complained to Zee. She was expecting Zee to demand for the backing out penalty fee but Zee didn’t do that. Instead, she seconded her move, laying down her cards as well.“Me too.” she admitted and they giggled about it.Inara liked Zee’s home because it was a free place. Zee’s parents were permissive a
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To ensure that the dare was not to be taken for granted, Zee had them seal their oath in blood. Zee pricked their right thumbs with a needle and as blood trickled out, they pressed their wounds to each other’s and Zee led her through the oath in a solemn way like an experienced priestess of some dark cult.“With our blood, we do perform the last dare. We seal an oath to perform the dare we give each other and we agree that the dare will not be one that drives the other to take a life.”Afterwards, they both wrote a dare to challenge each other, agreeing that the dare had to be life changing. After exchanging the papers,
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When Inara reached her home that night, her sister had come to open the door for her.“I heard the sound of your bike. I wasn’t expecting any rebel.” Amara commented.Inara forced a smile as she walked inside the house, doing a good job of hiding her pain or so she thought.“Trouble in paradise?” Amara asked after locking the door behind her and Inara was not expecting it but the weight of dismay and disappointment over the events at Zee’s place broke her down in that moment. She fe
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 Inara called Zee’s phone but there was no response from her. She contemplated paying her a visit in order to confront her about the strange message but instead, she rode home, unable to control the constant pounding of her heart.At home, after handing over Amara’s pringles to her, she went straight inside her bedroom and locked herself inside so that she could think or more like hide from the world. Flopping herself down onto her bed, she curled herself into the comforter, wishing that she didn’t exist. To her surprise, her phone rang and it was Zee, so she picked the call and listened.“How many nightmares have you had?” Zee asked, going straight to the point and Inara was surprised. She didn’t know that Zee knew about that.“How can you know about that? Did you have any too?” She asked, her voice a hoarse whisper due to the fear that she was feeling.“Yes.” Zee a
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Suzy moaned as she rode her boss’s rigid manhood with pleasure. His labored breathing behind her ear was pure music to her ears. His deep voice alone could make her come and she loved everything about him. She would do anything for their relationship to be more than what it was.When he was employing her as secretary, he had told her straight away that what he wanted was one who would also attend to him sexually whenever he desired and she had accepted. For that, her pay was high.He had also warned that she co
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 Inara had barely slept at night due to her fears about the next day. She was about to pin a fake pregnancy on Mr. High and Mighty, the model with hazel eyes, a guy who barely knew her. It was scary and she had no choice but to go through with it.By morning, she was quickly dressed in a pair of black jeans and black T-shirt. Then she pulled her hair back in a ponytail and slipped her legs into a pair of black sneakers.The colors of her outfit reflected her state of mind, which was beyond melancholy. Hence, physically, she was prepared for the day but inside, she was lost and wished that she could run away. Her sister had come to see her, advised her to be strong and left for the gym.She had also heard her parents arguing afterwards with her mom saying that they didn’t need to force their daughter into a man’s home if the girl was unwilling to go. Her father was of the opinion that if that daughter was willing to sleep
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At Future High, Lemuel knocked on the door of the Director’s office and let himself inside. There, he couldn’t quite figure out what he thought of the scene before him.The director, a somber faced man in his sixties, peeked at him from a pair of thick medicated glasses.A single seat was arranged at the left hand side of his table, while the right hand side was occupied by a couple and the plump girl from his class. What was she even doing here? he thought.There was a resemblance between the girl and the woman, so he figured that they could be a family. The woman was on the slim side though.Lemuel realized that he recognized the man as a Reverend who preached on Television. He generally didn’t like preachers because he had discovered that many of them twisted the scriptures to put money in their pockets. This one though had earned his respect when he heard whispers of how he lived an average lifestyle and spent most of his church funds on charity and missionary work.He also noticed
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After the confrontation with Lemuel, Inara remained quiet and distant with a forced smile here and there as her family became cordial again. They were gradually accepting the state of affairs concerning her.Her father and Lemuel had exchanged phone numbers and he had told her that Lemuel said the wedding could take place in seven days and that he would formally have her engaged in two days. The information frightened Inara.Amara was excited but Inara didn’t share in her excitement for obvious reasons.***
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In the evening, when Lemuel’s SUV pulled up at Inara’s place, she watched from her bedroom window, petrified.She was already dressed and pulled herself away from the window as her father entered to see her in her room the second time since she had gotten prepared for the evening.The first time was he informing her that they would be meeting Lemuel’s family a day after the engagement. It was an information she had received with trepidation, overwhelmed by how fast things were going, based on a single lie.
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