Once I have finished with the female, I cover her with her blankets and hear her sigh from the amount of pleasure I provided her as she drifts back off to sleep. I then head to my office to inform Alpha Santiago of the situation with Isabella. Once in my office, I sit at my desk and pick up the phone, and he answers on the third ring

"Alpha Santiago here”

“Santiago it's Giovanni”

"What can I do for you?”

“The Omega Isabella’s mother just died, so she is now available for you but she has done a runner, I have my best fighting tracker following her and for nothing but some extra fun would you like to go hunting with me for her once they get close?”

"That is extremely tempting... Yes, I will take you up on that invitation. The hunt will make her submission to me so much better once I get it from her.”

“Okay, I will call and let you know when we are close.”

It has taken two years to find Isabella, luckily Alpha Santiago has been good about it and has enjoyed the hunt, he even took the Alpha female I offered him which was the result of my fun with the breeder female the night Isabella ran as a sweetener until we can catch her.

Alpha Santiago doesn't have a mate and Isabella is just a pet or slave for his pleasure, so when the Alpha female becomes of age he said he will use her to give him an heir as it will be stronger coming from two Alphas. But if he does happen to get Isabella pregnant, then he said I can either put them into the program to breed or I can sell them as long as he gets a cut of the price.

I stand outside the hotel where I have a room booked waiting for Alpha Santiago to arrive; I got confirmation from my tracker that Isabella was in one of the abandoned houses nearby. We just had to find her, as he didn’t want to tip her off and have her running again before we got there.

She has had us hunting her for the last two years, so both of us want a piece of her, but as he is paying for her, I will give him the first play. I just hope she hasn’t been stupid enough to give her innocence to another male, her innocence, that belongs to Alpha Santiago.

Once Alpha Santiago turns up, I shake his hand and we then make our way quietly through the abandoned houses, one at a time. When we get to the last house, I pick up two scents making their way up to the abandoned house. My tracker never told me that Isabella was travelling with anyone else.

Both scents are female. One is Isabella and is strong. We have finally caught up with her, but the other is only just a hint of a scent; it is strange as I have never come across it before; I take a walk around the abandoned house, taking a deep breath as I go. I then make my way inside and stop just inside the entry door to take another deep breath.

Isabella’s scent is strong, but it is the other scent that I concentrate on. There was a soft hint around the outside and an even softer one in here and if I wasn’t an Alpha, I probably would have missed it altogether. With how soft the other scent is, it seems she is following Isabella, not travelling with her. I turn to Alpha Santiago and whisper,

“Do you smell that?”

“Yes! We are finally really close to my Isabella...”

“No, I mean the other female scent? It was a little more prominent outside, but can you catch it in here? Do you recognize it?”

Santiago takes a deep breath before answering.

“Yes! I smell the other female but only just, and I don’t recognize it. What is that? It smells like a vampire, but there is something else, something off...”

I nod my head as that is what I picked up on as well but what would Isabella be doing with a female vampire, I slowly make my way through the abandoned house following Isabella’s scent but trying to work out who or what that other scent could belong to.

We get to the last room, and it is drenched in Isabella’s scent, but the room is empty. I growl low as I am now pissed because we lost her again, but we are much closer. I look at Santiago as he enters the room, too,

“I can’t believe we missed her again, but we are getting close, we only just missed her by possibly minutes this time....”

Santiago moves closer and whispers,

“I know what is wrong with that female vampire’s scent. She is a half-werewolf, but the vamp in her is stronger, which is why we didn’t smell it straight away... Do you know what that means?”

I look at him, a little confused as I reply,

“No, I don’t, so she is half wolf, half vamp. Is that really meant to mean anything to me?”

“The only half-wolf, half-vamp that would be powerful enough to cover not only her scent but someone else’s is the Vampire Princess.... Or one of the Royal family....”

“You mean the Vamp Princess that went missing twenty years ago?”

I slowly turn and leave the room as he continues,

“Yes, the Vamp Prince is still looking for her. I think she is his twin... We should find out if there is a reward for finding her and returning her...”

“So you would hand her back to the Vampire King?”

“I might consider returning her if the reward was worth it, but then again, depending on how good my fun and pleasure went with her first, I might even decide to keep her. Imagine what other Alphas would pay to get their hands on a Vampire Princess.”

“That is actually a really good idea. No matter what reward the Vampire King could offer for her return, it could never amount to what we can make off of her. So we hunt both females, you can keep Isabella as your personal toy and I can put the Vampire Princess into my breeding program but have an addition connected to her for any Alpha willing to pay and any prospective buyer that is willing to pay extra can have some fun and pleasure with her. So you agree we are now hunting two females?”

“It was just a thought, but when you put it like that, I like it better, just as long as I can have my fun and pleasure with her whenever I want.”

“Of course, my friend!”

I nod my head, and we make another round of the house, both inside and out, to get a good impression of the Princess’s scent before heading back to the hotel I rented for the night. Hopefully, when I meet up with my tracker in the morning, we can get a bearing on which way and where they may have gone.



As I did my errands this morning I had a couple of the BlackBlood female clan members come up to me asking if my mate was the Princess that went missing, of course, I denied it saying she just looks a little like the princess but I wasn't lucky enough to be able to be mated to a member of the Vampire Royal Family.

Now the only way that they would know what she looks like is if Scarlett has been out of the house without me because whenever I take her out, I make sure she wears a scarf over her hair and slightly covers her face.

Once I got back to the little house we are staying at I heard her in the shower and just had to join her, even after nearly twenty years with her I still want her as much as I did after I had that first taste of her in the prison cell, sharing her with Maverick.

As I strip out of my clothes, I remembered when I realised why my vampire Wrath decided to accept her offer of coming with us. She may not love me as she used to, but at least he can have her out in the open and not hide, which is what he would've had to do if we had killed Phoenix and stayed at the castle.

I enter the shower and wrap my arms around her I don't miss that she slightly jumped at my touch, which is always worse after Wrath has had some of his more rougher pleasure with her but she soon relaxes and leans back into me as she says

"Where did you go?"

"I had an errand to run. We will be moving again soon."

"But we haven't been here for that long..."

I feel her pull forward from me a little. I start running my hands over her as I continue,

"Some of the clan members are already starting to ask too many questions..."

"But why?"

She sounded so innocent, but does she really think that I wouldn't have found out? I keep running my hands over her body, then down her arms, and once I reach her wrists, I slowly wrap my fingers around them. I casually lift her arms by her wrists above her head, I turn her, slowly move her back, and then pin her hard against the shower wall.

I take a deep breath in and smile at the fear I can still get to come off of her. I then kiss her with barely controlled dominance and Wrath pushes to take control. I move my kiss slowly down her neck as I whisper,

"Where did you go? Who did you talk to? What did you say?"

"I didn't... I haven't been anywhere... How can I talk to anyone??"

I can hear the fear in her voice, but there is slight pleasure there too as I continue to kiss her neck

"You are lying to me..."

"Noo, I'm not... You don't let me go out without you..."

She pushes a little against me as she tries to make me believe her. I can't stop Wrath this time, as he pushes me aside and takes control, pushing her back hard against the wall.

"You are still lying!!"

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