Seducing The Bloodmoon Princess

Seducing The Bloodmoon Princess

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Hana Kinsley: I am one of the few humans not born or mated into this supernatural world. As the Princess of the Bloodmoon pack, I grew up eager for that one-in-a-million chance of a mate. After two years of searching, I knew it was time to live in the human world, away from all things supernatural. I thought starting fresh at Yale was that chance to lead an ordinary life. Oh, how wrong I was. Albert, Aidan, and Isak: By any standard, our friendship is an anomaly. Vampires, demons, and angels do not mingle, yet we have been friends for three centuries. To the students and faculty here at Yale, we are just young professors who joined the staff six years ago. Every year, we choose new targets from the crops of freshmen. This year is different, as we all set our sights on the Bloodmoon Princess. Who will win our bet to have her first?

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I am enjoying the grown up Hana and her three very different pursuers!!!!
2024-07-11 17:24:51
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Mariana Santos
Even though I don’t like Hana on previous books, mostly on Silvercloud one, this shows a more mature (sometimes lol) side of Hana. I am just sad I found this book too early and have to wait for new chapters. But i am really enjoying so far.
2024-06-26 18:42:07
user avatar
JK Remodeling
Amazing book so far. Aidan, Isak and Albert have the world's dumbest but most interesting bet going. I also love seeing Hana all grown up now. Can't wait to see more as this story unfolds.
2024-06-09 20:11:29
default avatar
I already love this story about Hana. Can't wait to read how this will end... I think with and angry dad Logan....
2024-06-09 17:05:38
user avatar
alina dirtu
Thanks for the new book!
2024-06-01 03:48:37
user avatar
J Aiona
Love your books! Been looking forward to Hana's story... Can't wait to see where this goes... Kindly advise what your update schedule is please.
2024-05-31 12:53:47
default avatar
Amanda Gerner
I am hooked and only 6 chapters in! The way the guys figure out who she is and want to meet her is quite amusing! And then make their bet. I laughed at how they decide what they should do if they loose. I can’t wait for more chapter!
2024-05-30 19:07:54
user avatar
Lonna Howard
I love the BloodMoon series. I'm going to enjoy this one so much when it is complete.
2024-05-30 06:22:14
user avatar
Elayne Kaine
I have been waiting for this. So excited
2024-05-30 00:37:23
default avatar
Excited for the rest!
2024-05-29 20:47:28
default avatar
Hails SK
Love this series
2024-05-29 00:05:55
user avatar
Staci Robertson
So good, like always can't wait for Morea
2024-05-28 22:09:29
user avatar
Just as good as I knew it would be. I love her books.
2024-05-28 20:56:41
user avatar
anastassia charalambous
lovely .... can wait for more
2024-05-28 18:42:29
default avatar
Much awaited book! This author is a great read!
2024-05-28 09:02:59
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44 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Hana
“Hannah Ya-sh-id-a?” The woman at the register desk butchered my first name and tried hard to pronounce my mom’s surname. I pinched the bridge of my nose and stepped forward. I wasn’t in Bloodmoon anymore. There was no level of built respect because I’m the pack princess. I also opted to use mom’s surname instead of dad’s. Anonymity. That was the whole point. I chose a university across the country from Bloodmoon to get space from life among the supernatural. I’m a human, and I need to accept it is not my fate to belong in that world beyond the adoption paperwork. I needed to find out who I am as a human. Somewhere, I wouldn’t need to compete and train against beings with powers I’ll never have. That, however, didn’t mean picking just any university. I’m still an accomplished student who graduated top of my class with a 4.0 GPA and had many extracurriculars to pad my applications. Thus, I ended up in New Haven, Connecticut, at Yale, where the closest werewolf pack is either The N
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Chapter 2 - Albert
“Are you ready for the fresh blood, Weeber?” Professor Meyer teased as he slumped into a chair in the English department’s lounge. “I certainly don’t envy you teaching first-year courses.” I arched my brow, lowering my tablet to look at him. I knew he meant the saying in the aspect of the crop of freshmen that started classes today. He has no clue what I am, so he doesn’t realize how literal his words are to me. As far as Meyer is concerned, I’m the young professor. It’s almost amusing that the man thinks he’s my senior. Based on looks, I still look the same twenty-five I was when I was turned, while Meyer looks about what you’d expect of a sixty-five-year-old human male. In the six years I’ve worked here, this time around, Meyer decided he should take me under his wing. Aidan loves to tease me about it, while Isak finds it adorable. I’m indifferent to his attempts to act as my senior. “That is where we differ, Meyer.” I shrugged, starting to gather my things. “You prefer the juni
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Chapter 3 - Hana
I knew moving so far away would make me homesick. That’s only natural, though. While thousands of students surround me and have Pam as a roommate, it’s not the same. As unique a character as Pam is with her love of rugby, or more so an intense appreciation for the rugby player physique, her love of the occult wasn’t the same. Nothing could replace living in the pack house with Daddy, Aurelia, Rosie, and CJ, with various pack members dropping in during the day. I missed the familiarity of home but also how unpredictable it was. Even with Silvercloud having moved out to start his mated life with Persephone, our house was the hub of activity and outrageous events. And when I wanted peace from the pack, I could always drive over to the ranch to ride on Ashes and enjoy a quiet meal with Grandma and Grandpa Christian. That homesickness is the primary reason I opted to wear my boots like a security blanket today. I didn’t care that I’d been getting weird looks all day. I know cowboy boot
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Chapter 4 - Aidan
SLAM!The loud sound of the heavy antique red oak double doors being slammed echoed through our shared historic Queen Anne Victorian home. Someone was in a foul mood. It wasn’t me because I was in the study looking through my class rosters to rank potential feeding prospects for the semester. It couldn’t be Isak. I distinctly remember seeing him earlier when I came home. That meant the only person who could be storming in was Albert.I glanced at the grandfather clock and frowned when I saw the time. Nine o’clock? He shouldn’t be home this early. His class should’ve only ended an hour and a half ago. Driving here from campus takes about twenty minutes, so Albert drove straight home. We have plenty of blood bags, but Albert has always preferred straight from the tap. I sighed as I rose and poked my head into the foyer. I wasn’t alone in my curiosity about Albert’s sudden and violent return. I noticed Isak leaning over the railing of the stairs. The street lights from outside coming th
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Chapter 5 - Hana
I didn’t have time to call Dani about Professor Weeber. I had a few days before my next class with Weeber, so that it could wait. I did, however, take some preventative measures against vampires in general. Since I wasn’t sure how many vampires were here, I bought one of those faucet Brita filters and put vervain in the filter so all our water would have vervain. That way, Pam was also protected. I may not know Pam well, but she’s my roommate, and I feel responsible for her safety as the person aware of the supernatural dangers lurking out there. Weeber may be alone, but I won’t take any chances. Better safe than sorry, as Uncle John says. Plus, Pam is social, which could unknowingly place her in dangerous situations, perhaps not with Weeber but with other vampires lurking about. While I doubt any of the rugby players she’s looking to get close to are supernatural, especially vampires, she does like going out at night and to off-campus clubs and bars. “Hurry up, chica!” Pamela yell
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Chapter 6 - Isak
When Aidan returned home, visibly flustered by Hana’s resistance, he shared the key moments of their interaction. Unlike Albert’s situation, Aidan managed to engage in a conversation and almost kissed her. He was convinced that her human innocence was the barrier to that kiss. I’m not entirely convinced of that. Nevertheless, Princess Hana Kinsley has piqued my interest. I’ve known Aidan for over three centuries, and seeing a human resist him is rare. Even though I don’t get involved in such things, I sought this human out. It wasn’t difficult to look up her schedule to find the best time and place to organize a meeting. Albert tried in class, which was a foolish choice as it’s an area in which he has perceived power and authority. Of course, she wouldn’t be receptive to her teacher’s direct approach, especially in front of other students. Then, Aidan had a better approach, but he still pushed too far, too fast, and lost. I’m going for somewhere less intimidating and noisy. That’s r
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Chapter 7 - Hana
I can’t believe I was so STUPID. I’m not a stupid girl. I grew up surrounded by hunks. I should NOT be so easily distracted by a handsome face. Yet it’s happened not once, not twice, but THREE times. And it’s worse each time. I, at least, was thinking straight enough not to let Albert get close. It probably helped that we were in a classroom, and I refused to be like the other girls swarming him. I had no such excuse with Aidan or Isak. I’ve had a couple of days to replay the club scene. Aidan was objectively hot. Even with those lame pickup lines, I was attracted to him. He drew me in, and it was something I’d never felt before. I only knew his first name, and I wanted to kiss him. His touch made me want way more than his lips on mine. I’m lucky I realized something was wrong before we kissed. I would be beating myself up worse if I’d let it get that far and not realized it was unnatural. Then there’s Isak. Our interaction felt so genuine. There wasn’t anything unnatural about it,
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Chapter 8 - Albert
It’s been two weeks since I made that bet with Aidan and Isak. I’d been surprised Isak suggested it. Not because he’s an angel. Humans have an entirely wrong view of angels. I’ve yet to meet one I’d described as kind or loving. They are NOT gentle creatures here to protect humanity. They feed off the sins of mortals. They want humans to sin; to me, that doesn’t make them any better than the rest of us. The only supernatural beings that don’t need humans to live are werewolves. That is probably why they always act like they’re better than the rest of us—that and because the Moon Goddess created them. Vampires are the children of Cain, yes, that Cain from the Christian Bible. I have no clue what the origins of angels and demons are. Isak and Aidan don’t even know. Their species just existed - which explains why they think they are better than vampires and werewolves. To summarize, for those trying to make sense of all this, it’s all bullshit, and no matter what, your species being a
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Chapter 9 - Hana
I’ve managed to avoid all THREE of these men for two weeks. Albert has been unavoidable due to my class, not that I’ve let myself be in the same space as him beyond the required class time. I’d even gone to the registrar’s office to see if I could switch to a different class, citing that having the one-night class was causing an imbalance in my studies. They, of course, told me no, as the other classes were full. I’ve done my best to ignore him after classes. My current situation is proof that ignoring him only strengthened his resolve. When he got me alone, I’d been prepared for a fight. I was ready to stake him if it became necessary. His throwing my weapon aside wouldn’t stop me if I felt put in a life-or-death situation. I could retrieve my stake; if not, it wasn’t my only weapon. And the only reason he could disarm me was by using my title. I’ll admit it startled me. I feared how much Albert managed to learn about me in such a short time. I’d never forgive myself if I endanger
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Chapter 10 - Aidan
I knew Hana Kinsley, or Yashida as she’s called at Yale, would be a challenge. I wanted her to be, especially when seducing her became a bet between me and my friends Albert and Isak. The whole point was that we, primarily Albert and I, wanted a challenge this semester. Having women throw themselves at us gets boring, as difficult as that may be to imagine. However, two weeks of making up excuses to get near her and getting nowhere is longer than expected. When I say I’ve gotten nowhere, I mean it. Hana would spot me and pull a Houdini. If I didn’t know she was human, I’d swear she was a witch, given how she could disappear. And before you suggest it, I don’t think it’s any hunter trick she’s learned. I know enough about the hunters and their practices to realize they can’t simply disappear. Yet, somehow, Princess Hana managed to disappear into the crowd before I could get to her. If I dared to use my power in public and risked more trouble with the order, she wouldn’t have. But alas
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