33: Welcome to Ballimore


 I jump slightly as both the front doors open at the same time and I sit up confused. I must have fallen asleep, because it is light outside now. Yesterday comes crashing down on me and the insecurity creeps back under my skin.

 "Morning". Gudrun says calmly.

 "Where are we". I whisper, my eyes blinking against the harsh light.

 The forest is dense around the courtyard where the car is parked. The house in front of me is an old wood cabin painted in red and white with a big deck in dark wood. There is only one opening in the forest beside the narrow driveway, a wide path leading to a lake.

 "Welcome to Ballimore". The red head says with a smile. She clearly sees me looking at the lake. "Please take a walk, stretch your legs, take a look at the lake".

 "I am no

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