Jenny knocked on the door patiently. Although, her face looked sad, her insides were dancing for joy. She was finally going to have a hold over Jayden, even if it would be for a short period of time. She would finally get what she wanted. She forced herself to continue looking somber as the door was thrown open and Jayden's face appeared. "Hey," she muttered.

"Jenny! You didn't tell me you were coming today!" Jayden said, his eyes wide in surprise.

Jenny frowned. "I literally called you to tell you we have something important to talk about. In fact, when I suggested we meet at your house, you agreed!"

"Oh.... I can't remember that. Sorry." He opened the door wider. "Come in," he said, turning to walk back to the living room. "Close the door behind you," he instructed as he walked away.

Jenny did as he said an followed him, still frowning. "Do you ever listen to me when I talk to you?" she wondered, sounding pissed off.

"Sorry. There has just been a lot on my mind lately," he told
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