“Any news?” Natasha asked as she descended the stairs with Alyssa behind her. Her eyes were red from tears and she rubbed her cheeks to clean them off. Malvika and Grace were seated on the couch in the living room. Olivia was spread across Grace’s leg, sleeping peacefully. They had all stayed in the living room, waiting to here from Diane but heard nothing.

Malvika shook her head. “No. Mark and Nick went to the station this morning,” she said.

Natasha sighed, slumping on the chair. Alyssa sat down quietly beside her. “But where did she go?”

“No one knows.”

“She told me she wanted to receive a phone call,” Grace informed them, rubbing her hands slowly round her daughter, Olivia’s back. “That was all. I didn’t see her again.”

“Her car isn’t in the garage,” Malvika said. “So, she went with her car.”

“But someone must have seen her leave.”

Malvika sighed. “We didn’t and we don’t even know who to ask. Hopefully, Mark and Nicholas will come back with good news.”

The four of them sat in the
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