I flinched when the table started shaking. The thing is, the ground wasn’t. Our eyes followed the paintings hang in the wall when its glass frame started breaking one after another. Next to the edge of the wall sat a huge antique vase that shattered next after the last painting cracked.

I followed the continuous shattering of fragile objects and it lead me out of the room up to the grand staircase. I stood at the bottom-end of the stairs. The elderlies halted behind me. The cracking stopped for a moment and was resumed on the second floor’s photos attached to the wall.

I ran the stairs when a scream echoed from upstairs. The scream was painful and torturous. I was brought to a stop at the top-end of the stairs. Dad showed up in front of me wearing a cold expression and blocked my way with his body. He was looking down at me in the eyes. I stared back before walking past him.

The scream continued. It was hurting my ears as though the owner of the high

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