The Sapphire Queen

The Sapphire Queen

By:  Alessabarnes  Completed
Language: English
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“I reject you!!”she shouted!Amilia, princess of the Sapphire eyes, tries her best to avoid having a mate. For she hides a dark past that left her traumatized. But what happens when she crosses paths with Vladimir King of Vampires? Will she give him what he has been desiring or will her secrets and pain make her hate him to the point of killing him? Will he who has been searching for his fated mate, do anything even bow to her, so he can conquer her hardened heart, knowing all she feels for him is lust and not love?Join Amilia and Vladimir in their journey, where love, hate, secrets, and death entangled them together in a chaos of confusion, and war.

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75 Chapters
Author's Note
Authors Note Welcome to my new book, The Sapphire Queen. I hope you all love it as much as I had loved writing it. This book has a special meaning to my heart. 
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*Hierarchy Line*
Authors Note: Welcome to The Sapphire Queen. This is a small Insight on who is higher in position, In case theirs any confusion. I played with the names of the three main characters. *Count Vlad or C
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Chapter 1
White... Red... Silence... That’s all I can hear... Blood, but whose blood? Someone, please, someone wake me up, I can’t, what’s all this? Where am I? It’s nighttime, the forest coated in snow, and it’s too cold. There’s a trail of blood right in front of me, but whose blood? Suddenly I hear a scream. Is someone asking for help? I run, trying to find the source. But it’s too dark for me to see someone who needs my help. Intro I wake up to a knocking at the door. I didn’t get enough sleep again. I’m feeling restless, and I’m sweating a lot. The dream I just had felt so vivid. As I laid back down, I started removing the strands of hair sticking in my forehead and looking at my room ceiling, which has some clouds and birds drawn on it. I hear the grandfather clock shows it’s eight in the morning. My room is quite a mess. Clothes are scattered everywhere, weapons on my vanity table, and blood. My dinner from last night that I didn’t have, I had forgotten again. The dreams have been
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Chapter 2
Red, redder... "I'm sorry," he whispered. I see blood all over the room and hear screams. Why am I feeling pain? Stop it, someone screamed. I run, but it seems I never got to where she was. Amilia POV Bang, bullseye! I'm the diamond of the kingdom, trained by assassins. They trained me at a young age, making me a dangerous woman, a dangerous princess. Mother taught me to be ruthless, bloodthirsty, and to fear nothing. I became the leader of the strongest army in the kingdoms after her death. No one knows why my mother made me trained with assassins, but training with them makes me feel relieved. My grandfather Elder Cornelius loathed me for being an assassin. He always said I should be a proper princess. But he knew there was nothing he could do but accept me the way I am. Bullseye! I've been training for the last three hours. I'm so stressed after that morning's conversation with my grandfather about the Ball. I have to run away. Not planning on going to that event, and especi
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Chapter 3
Blood Dagger I felt the pain that person was feeling, sharp stabbing pain in the chest. What’s this? Why can I feel it? I’m trembling, I’m Scared. “This is for you, mate,” someone whispered.
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Chapter 4
  “Hi,” he whispered as he kissed my hand. She stands there, smiling at him. He was kissing her hand slowly. They knew they belong together. But
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Chapter 5
“Mate?” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks. Pain... That’s what I felt. Someone cried, begging him to stop. I saw her on the floor, tossing and turning in pain. “Please,” she whispered, “Stop, it hurts.” I wanted to see his face, but all I could see was darkness. Who was he?
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Chapter 6
“NOOO!” It hurts; please make it stop. Please... She was trying to breathe; she was dying. I could feel her suffocating. My throat hurt, burning sensation all over my skin. As I couldn’t stand anymore, I dropped to my knees, crying.
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Chapter 7
“Why are you doing this to me?” she asked. “I want your power,” he whispered, “Because I never loved you.” “Count!” he screamed. “Count bitch, let me hear you.” It’s dark, but I can hear him. I keep hearing his voice, but where is he? “Where are you, bastards?” I say, looking around the room.
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Chapter 8
“Why aren’t you screaming?” he says, slapping her across the face. “I told you to scream bitch!” he yelled. He was standing there, slapping her hard, every slap making me cringe, I wanted him to stop, but as I took a step forward, I fell into a dark hole it was full of liquid, sticky, with a foul stench, and red, it was blood.  
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