Search for the Three Drops of Blood

Search for the Three Drops of Blood

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Sumico Kammal Lowie – a young, beautiful, and talented girl in linguistics. When she was born, there was a psychic saying that she’ll lead her happy, joyful and exultant life when she’s grown up later on. In the age of twenty three years old, she’s worked as a CEO’s secretary in one of the biggest companies producing and selling stationery sets. The CEO is her boyfriend as well as her future husband. However, when the day of their marriage is drawing and drawing to a close, Sumico finds out that her future husband is cheating on her with her elder sister. In the middle of her quandary whether to put her relationship to a complete end or not, Sumico bumps into Virando Augustin Kuandy – the CEO of The Persephone Hotel; actually he isn’t an ordinary human, who’s searching for three drops of blood from a virgin woman who loves him and whom he loves in the humans-realm.

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243 Chapters
Prolog: The Past or The Future?
From the outside, the house looked like a quaint old wooden house. It consisted of merely one storey. It was built from woods, combined with some irons and bricks. However, coming to the inside, the furniture as well as the interior design made that house look quite luxurious as well as sophisticated. There was some expensive as well as valuable furniture; there were also some smart, sophisticated as well as expensive machine devices in that house. “What can I help you?” asked a young lady, approximately in her thirties to Mrs. Yulia Kammal Lowie. She was seen dressing up like the other usual and normal humans, but what was a bit special was her thick and floury white cosmetic powder on her face. That made her look slightly queer and strange. “Like this, Miss Kitty…” Mrs. Yulia Kammal Lowie somewhat hesitated to speak up what she wanted to say to the psychic in front of her. Miss Kitty was a young psychic, around her thirties, sitting in front of Mrs. Yulia Kammal Lowie and her eigh
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1. The Fish and The Tortoise
“The love between Thee and Her Highness is remarkably unforgettable and irreplaceable, Your Highness...” praised General Lie Jun Xiong truthfully and sincerely. “That’s what I want to tell you… Love can also sometimes be power… You see… With My Queen standing beside me all these times, I can already defeat the Mongolians, and some other rebellions from the west as well as the south,” narrated Emperor Wang in his humongous exuberance as well as tremendous satisfaction. “Thou art exceptionally strong and powerful, Your Highness… It’s my immense pleasure and vast exhilaration fighting in the first zone for Thee as well as for this land of ours, Your Highness…” “You’re also a remarkably strong and powerful general standing beside me and fighting for me for all these times. In fact, you’re the strongest general this kingdom has ever had, Brother Jun Xiong…” praised Emperor Wang also truthfully and sincerely. “I’m not that strong and powerful, Your Highness… I’m still learning and practi
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2. Beautiful Dream in the Beautiful Meadow
“We’ve been in the middle of this vast and beautiful meadow. You don’t have to worry much…” said a young handsome, tall, sturdy and muscular man in front of Sumico Kammal Lowie. Sumico Kammal slowly opened her eyes. The scents of fragrant flowers and grass started to cuddle and fondle her nose. The first thing she saw was a young, handsome, perfect and gorgeous face in front of her eyes. What made Sumico Kammal relaxed and relieved the most was those blue ocean eyes. Those blue ocean eyes gave Sumico Kammal a kind of protection, comfort and coziness sense. Realizing that she was lying on the young handsome man’s laps, Sumico quickly woke up, a bit awkwardly and embarrassedly. “Where am I?” “As you can see… In the middle of this vast and beautiful meadow… Isn’t this vast and beautiful meadow immensely relaxing and soothing? You can also feel the warm sunlight, the cool breeze as well as drizzle, can’t you?” “Yeah… But… But… But I think I haven’t seen an immense and beautiful meadow
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3. First Meeting with Pete Jupiter Huangwira (part 1)
“Yes, I think it is…” replied the young handsome man. “Then, how about the time in my own world, Elder Brother? I’m now in another dimension, aren’t I? I’ve ever read a book saying there’s a kind of time difference between two different dimensions. Isn’t it? One hour here means…” Sumico intentionally didn’t finish her statement. “Around six hours in your world I think… I don’t know for sure…” replied the young handsome man briefly. “Exactly… I need to wait until a long holiday in my world in order to go to the city center with you, Elder Brother…” continued Sumico sighing in her quite long breath. “That means you want to go to the city center with me on the other day, don’t you?” asked the young handsome man more and more enthusiastically at this moment. Sumico needed some other extra seconds to finally nod her head. “Thanks… Thanks, Sumico… Thanks for letting me bring you to the city center on the other day…” Suddenly, the young handsome man seized Sumico into his comfortable,
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4. First Meeting with Pete Jupiter Huangwira (part 2)
“Of… Of… Of course you may…” stuttered Sumico. She moved her bowl of meatballs and glass of ice lemon tea to the right part of the dining table. The senior high school boy sat at the chair beside Sumico. He was seen ordering a bowl of beef noodles and a glass of ice lemon tea as well. “Sorry for disturbing your meal in the middle like this… I’ve been searching and searching but I can’t find any empty space…” “That’s okay…” said Sumico. She simply continued finishing her meal. Sumico occasionally glimpsed the senior high school boy right beside her. He looked quite handsome, quite tall, with his fractionally skinny body. However, his hair was rather untidy and his uniform shirt was a bit messy. Perhaps, he’d just finished his PE lesson and he didn’t have enough time to tidy up his hair and his uniform shirt. “Why? Is there something wrong with me?” asked the senior high boy out of a sudden, having noticed that Sumico glimpsed at him occasionally. Sumico quickly turned her eyes awa
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5. I Haven't Found Any Sincerities
“Why? Are you worried? Are you scared that I’ll attack you again?” “Mmm… Brother Pete… This is… This is… still inside the office…” “This office building belongs to my family, Sumico. I’m the boss here. No worries… Now, to tell you the truth… Even though you try to cover all the crucial parts of your body, you can still and still turn me on, Sumico Baby.” Pete Jupiter stood closer and closer to his gentle, pretty and sexily-intoxicating secretary. Sumico became more and more nervous. She stepped back and stepped back. She was seen swallowing her saliva into her choked throat. Even though she’d tried and tried to dress up more properly and courteously, this lovely nasty Brother Pete of hers could still be turned on and never gave up in his attempts to drag her onto his hot bed. “Bro… Bro… Brother Pete… What will you do? What…” Sumico couldn’t finish her questions because her beloved Brother Pete had landed his quick, sudden and demanding kissing as well as squashing on her tiny, pin
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6. Some Girls' Talk
“Have you ever got the real as well as the concrete evidence that he’s been playing some dirty games behind your back all these times, Sumico?” asked Claudia Luvin quite inquisitively and curiously. “No, Claudia… That’s why… I’m not so sure about what I’ve been thinking recently, and I’m also still doubtful about him. To put it in another way, I’m like being caught in the middle. This is so uncomfortable and uneasy for me, Claudia…” Sumico was seen sustaining her chin with her right hand. The five girls were subsequently silent. Each of them was seen thinking and contemplating about the story which Sumico had just narrated. The company cafeteria was quite crowded and packed with Huangwira Enterprise employees who had been looking forward to filling their stomachs. Some servants were also seen being busy walking here and there, serving foods and drinks for the employees. Sumico’s eyes fell to two male maids who were seen being overwhelmed carrying a large cauldron of boiling water. A
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7. Finding Out the Truth
“Okay… Time’s up… It’s time to go back to work…” said Claudia Luvin standing up. The other four girls also stood up. Hanny Lin Rosenda was the last to stand up and to leave their dining table. Out of a sudden, really dreadfully terrifyingly, she bumped into the two male maids carrying the big cauldron of boiling water. Alas, the boiling water spilled down to the floor and also onto Hanny Lin Rosenda’s entire body. “Aaaiihh…!!!” shouted Hanny Lin Rosenda pitifully. “Aaaiihh!!! Hanny! Hanny! Hanny!” screamed the other four girls hysterically. Soon, chaos and disorder broke out in the middle of that company cafeteria. Hades Voltario suddenly appeared from nowhere and landed his deadly punches to the two male maids. The two male maids’ bodies were seen flinging several meters away. “Bro… Bro… Brother Hades…?” mumbled Hanny Lin Rosenda with her slight disbelief. Yet, subsequently she was seen smiling warmly and lovingly. “Are you okay, Hanny?” Hades looked so worried and anxious. He a
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8. A Warm, Cozy, Protecting Hug
Sumico arrived at Mercury Apartment, the apartment where Pete Jupiter Huangwira stayed when he wasn’t staying together with his parents in Huangwira big mansion in Bogor. Sumico went upstairs to the thirtieth floor with the elevator. Shortly afterwards, Sumico had arrived in front of Pete Jupiter’s apartment. Because they’d been dating for more than four years, Sumico had memorized the password to open the door of her boyfriend’s apartment. Sumico entered the password so that she could enter her boyfriend’s apartment. Sumico paused his steps for a little while. Sighing, groaning and moaning of a man and a woman was clearly audible inside the apartment. Sumico became jumpier and jumpier. Her heartbeats became faster and faster. However, her curiosity was much deeper and bigger than her nervousness. Thus, she decided to step closer and closer to the source of the sighing, groaning and moaning. Sumico arrived by the door of her boyfriend’s bedroom which forgot to be locked. What she sa
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9. Meeting the Rival
The next morning had come. The sunlight had again broken into Sumico’s bedroom through some glass windows. Sumico subsequently opened her eyes. She stretched her body here and there before getting down from her bed. Sumico looked at the clock in her bedroom. It’d already been seven o’clock. She still got one more hour to get herself ready, to have breakfast and to go to Huangwira Enterprise office building. Recollecting about what had just occurred to her yesterday, honestly, Sumico really lost her motivation, encouragement and mood to work in Huangwira Enterprise anymore. Sighing in her long breath, Sumico decided to go to the office again today. She’d deeply consider and mull over her next steps again later on. Forty five minutes later, Sumico had got ready to go to the office where she worked. Sometimes, Sumico was driven to the office by Pete Jupiter Huangwira with his car. Sometimes, Sumico rode her own motorcycle. Some other times, Sumico would take a taxi. Today, Sumico was s
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