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Lyka was living a normal life like every normal college student. It takes the night of Halloween for her life to turn upside down when she witnesses the death of her ex. Waking up, she finds out she’s not who she thought she was and the people around her are not who she thought they were. Finding the truth about herself and her life must be the most excruciating thing especially when you learn overnight that you are a werewolf and the next Alpha. With a dangerous enemy threatening her life and those of her people as well as a mate who wants nothing to do with her, Lyka finds her life stuck in constant battle with her body and heart.

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Lyka's P.O.VI hate it when am late for classes.I mean I am always an early bird most times.There is always that day when you are lazy to walk out of  bed even when you hear the alarm and that day is today for me. I am going to be totally late thanks to my laziness.Early morning at exactly seven, I heard the annoying buzz of my alarm. I reached for it on my night stand and switched it off to continue with my sleep for at least five more minutes.Goddamn the warm covers!I don't know how five more minutes turned to thirty but all I knew is I was late for Calculus.I am never late for class in fact I am never late for Calculus. Which person in their right mind would be late for this class? Me. Rig
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"You do realise everyone at campus is talking about you." Samantha casts me a look. Hopefully Samantha lent me a pair of her emergency sneakers. They are way better than slippers for a start.As we walk into the cafeteria, I don't miss the looks people give me. "Great day for being a celebrity." I mutter sarcastically as we settle down at our table."People are just being assholes like they are. Ignore them." Sam murmurs."So tell me about Mr hot pants." Samantha winks at me. She calls Mr Harry hot pants and for some reason I have become accustomed to the nickname. She knows how I have the hots for him.I tell her what really transpired in the morning. "You can't imagine Sam, I was so embarrassed. You should have seen his eyes." I remember the smirk he threw my way. Was he so amused by my embarrassment too?"I know the feeling babe,""The whole impression thing didn't
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I painfully open my eyes adjusting to the brightness in the room. The light evading my eyes causes me to wince in pain. Why didn't I bother closing my curtains damn it? My head pounds so hard that it might explode. Might have been the cheap booze at the party. With Julian at the party parading her new catch, I wouldn't mind.Wait a minute, I don't remember taking anything at the party. The thought makes my eyelids flutter open clearly. White walls, grey linen curtains, white marble floor stare back at me as I scrutinize my surroundings. This is not my room. Immediately, I step out of the covers the headache gone in an instant. My heart throbs in panic. I know my mom and I are well off thanks to my dad's money he left before he died but  this room screams excess luxury.I hope this turns out to be a really bad dream. Gazing up at the white ceiling, memories of last night flood my brain piece by piece without leaving any details out. Party. Julia
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I don't know how I am not shrinking with all the stares thrown my way."Everything Lyka." Mr Harry replies."Are you serious right now? I don't even know they people you are talking about." I glare at him."Really Gabriel? Is this what we are going to deal with?" Marco addresses with distaste. I am going to assume Gabriel is his middle name with how frequent everyone addresses him with it.Gabriel glares at Marco. "Will you tell her already so we can get this over with?" Marco nudges impatiently. I really don't like Marco. Grumpy and impatient don't suit him."I agree with Marco. The sooner the better." Ethel adds. The room falls silent for a second before Gabriel says the statement that undoes me."Olivia is not your real mother, Lyka."Silence. Did I get that straight? The woman I have known my entire life is not my mother. This is got to be some sick joke. On cue I let out a dry laugh but I stop as soon as I start when no one follows a
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 Lyka's P.O.VThis room has been like a prison to me for the last three weeks. It has been my routine to wake up, freshen up and then go sit near this huge window for hours thinking of ways I can escape this hell hole. Beyond this villa, there are woods. I know they lead somewhere, somewhere I can find my freedom. It's not that I am a prisoner in here but I feel like one. I decided to never leave this room ever since that meeting. For the past few weeks, mom has been persuading me to forgive her, to go out of the room but I don't feel like it. I just don't feel like forgiving her yet in spite of the explanations she's tried to give me.  " had to protect you Lyka. You are very special to us." she explained. "I don't give a damn about anything." I snarled. "Lyka, you are the next alpha. You mean a lot to these people, to me." "You me
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Please follow, vote and comment.. Lyka's P.O.V I am trembling and shivering my voice hoarse but before I can comprehend anything, the weight us instantly removed from my body.I can hear animal growls and when I open my eyes, I see him, Mr Harry fighting with the man who is their boss both releasing guttural sounds like wild animals. In no second, the boss is down and Mr Harry runs to me. The other two men are already taken out by the other men he came with. I am beyond terrified after watching this. Mr Harry is a monster too. He's holding me in his arms now and instead of feeling scared, I feel safe. His smooth features are creased and I can see the worry his eyes.
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Please follow, vote and comment... Lyka's P.O.VHe excused himself from the table before I had a chance to stop him. I followed him through the hallway to the west wing."Wait," I called and he stopped.He turned around poised his eyes meeting with mine. "What should I call you? Mr. Harry or Gabriel?" I asked consciously."Gabriel, that's my name." he replied in a monotonous voice.I walked closer to him stopping a few inches from him."Why didn't you tell me earlier? You do realize it would have made things easier?" "It wasn't my place to tell, I did what I had to do and that was to protect you." his calm baritone v
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Thank you guys for the support. It means a lot to me in my works. Keep it going guys. Keep the fire burning Please follow, vote and comment.. Lyka's P.O.V The next morning, Sebastian and I were playing chess. This time I was beating him badly because what he didn't know was that I was a fast learner. I heard someone clear their voice and I wasn't surprised to see my mom standing calmly hands on her hips. "Miss Olivia, good to see you." Sebastian acknowledged."How you doing Sebastian?""Cool, I will excuse myself now." he stood up before I had a chance to stop him.When he was gone, mom joined me.
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Lyka's P.O.V It has been two weeks since I started training with Sebastian. After my encounter with Gabriel, I asked Sebastian a favor to teach me how to fight since he was great at it. We worked tirelessly in the gym which was situated in the west wing every single day. Each day came with a hectic task and by now, I am great since I am a fast learner.  Sebastian has been teaching me the basics and now the real tactics. It hasn't been easy with a lot of muscle pulls and hard falls but I need all I can get. I have a point to prove. "You've gotten stronger than before." Sebastian remarked passing me a bottle of water."That's because I have a great teacher." I smiled at him.Sebastian was really good and strong. Most of the time
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 Please follow, vote and comment.. Lyka's P.O.V I am stumbled out of my sleep by my alarm buzzing.Shit. It is already time.I am so sleepy by the time I reach for my night stand to switch it off. I am not usually a morning person and this waking up early is really sickening me. Who the hell wakes up at four thirty to prepare for training by five. Either Gabriel is making my life hard so I can back out but not now and not ever. I am not planning on quitting or my laziness is at its peak. Groaning frustrated, I kick away the duvet stretching lazily. I stand up a little drowsy making my way to the bathroom. I wash my face
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