Chapter 32|| A kiss without a feeling

~Zara Todd's POV~ 

"So, Mr. Xavier Dawson! Will you take miss Zara Todd as your lawfully wedded wife and help her doing all the things for her and never leaving her hands in worries and in anxiety and always be together with her on every steps of her life. Can you  do this?" 

While the pastor is saying this, I can see Xavier walking few steps back. I am just afraid right now. I don't know what's happening to me but I am just so scared that he might leave me alone in this and leave me ashamed right in front of everyone.

It's not a new thing for a guy like him to do things like that. 

God damn! Xavier please don't do something stupid like this. Please not right now. I am going to tolerate all of your stupid scolds but please I don't want to get ashamed in front of so many people.

I am literally praying to God clutching the bouquet I'm holding in my hands so firmly with my eyes closed.

I can't take this same and I can't just

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