False Best Friends

False Best Friends

By:  Chi_emie  Completed
Language: English
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They are BESTFRIENDS. Not childhood best friends. They met when she was 12 and he, 13 and they had stuck close to each other since then. Joan, that was her name and her best friend, King. Now she was 17, he, 18 and it seemed like everything stood against their five year friendship. Joan’s mother’s dislike for King, the long distance from King’s home to Joan’s, their separate schooling and the fact that King was basically non-existent. And then even more bigger obstructions come into play. Koty, the handsome football jock that is unrelentless in his effort to make Joan his; Joan’s unknown father and King, the new feelings he had started developing for his best friend. They have to struggle to keep their best friendship blooming despite all their problems but the tempests are too strong; the storm too overwhelming and then the final test… Who will betray who?...

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93 Chapters
Chapter One: My best friend is a nine tailed fox
My best friend is a nine tailed fox. He sneaks out at night and turns into some creature with nine tails. It’s a secret, nobody knows but me; his best friend; Joan. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.“Seriously?”Joan jumped, her pen falling off in the process. King laughed loudly, his eyes twinkling mischievously as he laughed. He had spoken very close to her ear. She sighed, picking up the fallen pen and turning back to her writing.“Your best friend is a nine tailed fox” he repeated, coming to rest on the table she was writing on.“Yes” she snickered, looking up at him, “You sneak out at night and turn into some creature with nine tails. It’s a secret, nobody knows but me; your best friend; Joan. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone”She finished in a dramatic whisper, a small smile on her face as she watched him burst into laughter again.“You've watched too many Korean series” he commented when he finally stopped laughing.“Like you don’t watch them with me also” she replied, shutting the book
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Chapter Two: King!
Sisi was a year older than her. She was seventeen, Sisi was eighteen but they were both in the same grade, grade 12. Also Keisha and Selena, who were also eighteen.They were in the cafeteria after having the first half of their classes.The cafeteria, as expected, was crowded and noisy. She and her friends sat on their table at the far end of the cafeteria."I love your braids" Selena said to her and she gave her a look."Girl, I've been on this braids for two weeks now"Keisha snickered while Sisi typed away on her phone."It looks new to me" Selena shrugged."Madeline is just an attention seeker" Keisha commented and they all looked to the group that was making the most noise."You're a cheat! You hear me! A cheat! I can't believe I fell for you, you liar!" Madeline, the ever pompous girl of their set shouted at her boyfriend, Niel, now ex-boyfriend.Niel was sitted on his table with his friends, a bored look on his face as he twirled his car keys in his fingers while Made
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Chapter Three: Change for her
"How many times have I ... Why do you let this happen!? What is wrong with you!?" She shouted, her hands hanging loosely at her sides, not making any move to hug him back but not pushing him away either."I'm sorry" he murmured."No!" She continued, "You're not! You're not, King! Everytime this and you keep complaining yet you don't do anything about it. What's wrong with you!?""I'm sorry"She opened her mouth to shout again but then closed it, shutting her eyes and taking deep breathes to calm herself."I'm sorry" he repeated.They fell silent."Just let me go" she spoke upon opening her eyes.He did slowly and reluctantly, his eyes searching hers. She looked away."Sit there" she nodded at the dining. He complied. She opened a cupboard, bringing out a first aid kit from there."You see this?" She asked him, bringing out an almost empty pack of cotton wool from the kit as she walked up to him."Most of it ended up on your face" she slammed the kit angrily on the table.
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Chapter Four: Gone
“Why would he stay the night when he has a home?”Joan stared at the floor.“You have not given me a tangible reason, Joan. He cannot just stay the night whenever he wishes. He has parents, he has a home. He needs to be more responsible. So, NO King cannot stay the night. If you don’t have anything else important to say, you can leave my room. I am angry with you enough.”Her mother turned the other way on her bed, concentrating on whatever it was she was doing on her phone. She sighed, shuffling her feet. She wanted to tell her mother the truth, everything about King but there was something holding her back, something she couldn’t quite figure out.“Mum, please. I wouldn’t ask you if it wasn’t necessary, he'd leave very early tomorrow morning, I promise.”Her mother didn’t reply. She moved the distance and stood in front of her.“Its late. You can’t expect him to go out by this time.”“I’m pretty sure the streets are still overflowing with people. He better leave now.” her mot
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Chapter Five: Go out with me
He didn’t have much yet he spent a good amount each day, going back and forth. No matter how many times she pleaded, he wouldn’t let he visit him, she didn’t even know his address.Plus… “King?” she called when she stepped into the sitting room and didn’t find him there. She checked the kitchen and her room and the guest room but there was no sign of him.King was gone.*“You could have told me you were leaving. I was very worried… Just get out of my phone.”Joan cut the call, entering into Sisi’s car where Sisi was already waiting.“Who was that?” Sisi asked curiously. “Someone.” She replied curtly. Sisi didn’t know of their relationship, didn’t know that King was her best friend neither did any of her other friends. Sisi had seen King a few times but she hadn’t suspected anything. She didn’t feel the need to inform them, she wanted her relationship with King private.No toast?” Sisi asked, seeing she wasn’t in a good mood.She face palmed, realizing she had forgotten
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Chapter 6: Co comparison
“Whatever it is you have to say, say it and stop beating round the bush.”“Or I may lose interest.” She added, smirking.He laughed nervously, and ran a hand across his face then he stopped, his smile dropping.“Okay. Joan Michaels” he started, looking her directly in the eye, “Would you like to go on a date with me this week?”*Flashback…“Joan Michaels, would you like to go on a date with me this week?”She pretended to think about the question, her lips forming into a pout and her brows, furrowing.“I don’t know, King Johannson. What does this date have to offer?” she questioned after a long moment of silence.15 year old King blinked innocently, looking up at her.“A lot, Joan Michaels.” He said, “A princess crown, the best dress ever made in this universe, specially prepared food and my heart on a platter of gold.”She twirled her hair around her fingers, her left hand on her in a pose as she stared down at him, knelt down on one knee, a single rose held up in his two
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Chapter 7: We don't share
“Avoid him from now on.” Beck warned, as all three of them shot her accusing looks. She glanced at Koty who couldn’t even keep his eyes open.“I’m sorry… I …” she stuttered in confusion.“Just do what I said.” Beck repeated harshly then they walked away. Beck and Francis supporting Koty on either sides. It was then she noticed they had a small audience gathered around, her friends included.She watched helplessly as they moved farther and farther away from her.*She wasn’t allowed into the clinic where Koty rested; Francis, Beck and Jude made sure of that. She couldn’t concentrate on her books, she avoided her friends perpetual questions and then hurried home immediately the bell rang. Koty was the only thing on her mind, she felt guilty but then she consoled herself with the fact that she had not done anything wrong. She had not known Koty was asthmatic and even if she knew, was she supposed to have accepted his proposal out of pity? Koty didn’t deserve that, he deserved someone
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Chapter 8: Saviour
“There’s Koty.” He pointed out.“That’s different. I only felt like giving in out of pity.”“Glad you've figured that out.”“And besides he’s just one guy.”He nodded.“We'll just get married to each other.” He said after a while.She chuckled, “That sounds nice. Our kids will have your eyes.”“I’m joking.”“I’m not.”“I’m not.”They burst out laughing.*King looked back as the train began moving. He watched as she became smaller and smaller until he could see her no more then he turned around and looked ahead. He adjusted his bag to his other shoulder when he noticed it was inconveniencing the old woman sitted next to him and then he leaned back into his seat and immersed himself in thoughts of her; his best friend, Joan Michaels. She was always on his mind. He had teased her about thinking of him always but he was also guilty of that. She was not exactly the first thing he thought of when he woke and the last thing he thought before he slept but she was constantly on h
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Chapter 9: She would find her family
She would pet him and clean his wounds and then send him back with a kiss; so that every time, no matter the injuries he sustained on his body, his soul wasn’t broken. He still felt happy, like a normal eighteen year old adult living a normal life with the best friend he loved.*Joan stood in front of the school's clinic door, glaring at it. Koty was in there and also his latest bodyguards; Francis, Beck and Jude. Koty was fine, he had come to the clinic for something and she found out and followed him. She had to speak to him whether his friends wanted her to or not; they weren’t his parents.The door opened and Beck stepped out first. His calm look changed to an accusing one when his eyes met hers and he glared daggers at her, stopping his movement.“I have to speak to him.” She spoke regardless, arms folded. It seemed like Koty was directly behind him because he turned back and said,“Colton, no. You’re not speaking to this girl.”“This girl has a name.” she interrupted rudely
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Chapter 10: I worry because I care
She wanted to enjoy a father's love too like Sisi.She wanted to have grand parents and grand relatives, uncle’s and aunts and nieces and nephews that came over for Christmas and thanksgiving like Selena. If possible, she wanted to have little siblings too like Keisha.She would ask her mother when she returned. She would find out why they always lived alone and what secrets her mother guarded so carefully and then she would unravel them ,one after the other.She would find her family.*Her mother stared at her in shock. Her mouth hung open, her bag that she had wanted to place on the kitchen counter hung in mid air and her lashes batted repeatedly over her eyes that seemed like it would pop out any moment.Emotions flitted quickly across her mother’s eyes. There was worry, pain, regret and another emotion that got Joan curious, fear. Why would her mother be afraid?“Mum?” she called and Mrs. Michaels snapped back to reality, her expression becoming masked. She shut her mouth
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