Chapter Thirty One

Two hours later, Sidney heard a knock at her door and she sighed. She had just woken up about a minute or two ago, and she was just considering getting a quick shower before she went downstairs to meet her mother, but now someone was at the door, knocking. 

She wondered who it was and why they were knocking on her door. 

She stood up and went to the door fo open it. She had been right. It was her mother and she was smiling widely, waiting for her. 

Sidney sighed again and waited for her to step in before she closed the door and turned back to go sit down on the bed. 

"How are you feeling now, honey? Are you well related or do you need more time to yourself to do that? Her mother asked as she sat on the bed as well. 

Sidney gave a small shrug with her brows pulled together, and the corner of her mouth drawn down. "I was able to rest a bit for a few hours. I could still use some more but I'm fine for now."

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