It happened quickly. His fist flew towards the boy's jaw soon, there was a loud crack. With speed like lightning was on his feet and narrowly dodged the blow. Kurt Hemming was breathing heavily. His nostrils flared. His usually pale skin was red like fire. His usually tranquil baby blue eyes were looking tense with his pupils being enlarged. The hair on his neck were on alert and he was becoming hairier by the second. 

Kasa was scared, getting ready to fight him or hold him down if necessary. His wolf was coming out. It must have been crying to be released all this while. Every soul in the room was tense except Catori. She sat down assessing Liam. Something about him was not right. Something about him was familiar to her, it was too familiar in fact. Unfortunately she could not really place a finger on it. 

Meanwhile, Liam was watching Kurt with every ounce of seriousness, so was Kasa. Gradually, Kurt's appearance went back to bein

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