The Shadow Alpha

The Shadow Alpha

By:  Kajal Haripersad  Completed
Language: English
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His eyes locked with mine and I could feel the strength of the mate bond gnawing at me, but I forced it down. Devin eyed me with annoyance and prominent in his gorgeous grey eyes.“Alpha Devin, this is my daughter.” Papa Jamie said with pride in his voice. Devin gave him a weird look, but turned to me instead. Before he could speak I cut him off with a surveying look from head to toe. He was still as hot as hell if not more; his body was more built and his face more chiseled than before. He looked all man and sue me for finding it sexy. mate bond. My eyes were void of emotion as I looked at the pack that flanked him and back into his stormy grey eyes. I stuck out my hand with a smirk on my face, “Welcome to the Blue Moon Pack.” He grasped my hand and shocks ran up my arm and through my body as it did his causing his eyes to widen, but before he could react I continued. “I am Alpha Allison Trust Wells.” My tone oozed confidence and mirth. I heard a few gasps, but the biggest reaction I got was from Devin whose eyes widened in shock.~~~A story of hurt, betrayal and second chances in a world of mystical creatures. Allison is a young Shewolf with a gift from the Goddess Selene. Join her as she navigates the web of secrets and lies weaved by the people she once thought of as family and learns forgiveness.Not all second chances are started on a clean slate...

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A story of hurt, betrayal,and second chances in the mysterious world of creatures. Allison is a young Shewolf with a gift from the Goddess Selene. She's living a lie, but she doesn't know it. What makes it even more incredible is that these lies are being spun by the family she once loved most. Do you think she'll find out the lie? Will she learn to forgive? Will we be sad when we read this? What happens next in the story? Continue reading The Shadow Alpha novels. Welcome to Goodnovel world of fiction. If you like this novel, or you are an idealist hoping to explore a perfect world, and also want to become an original novel author online to increase income, you can join our family to read or create various types of books, such as romance novel, epic reading, werewolf novel, fantasy novel, history novel and so on. If you are a reader, high quality novels can be selected here. If you are an author, you can obtain more inspiration from others to create more brilliant works, what's more, your works on our platform will catch more attention and win more adimiration from readers.

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The sound of an alarm clock broke through my dream filled sleep, awakening me from another night filled with painful memories. Dragging myself from the tiny bed, I walked into the bathroom to wash away the remnants of a difficult night.   My name is Allison Trust, a werewolf Omega in the Full Moon pack and today; 9 August 2012 is my sixteenth birthday. Typically today would be the day I find my mate, but since I haven't shifted into a wolf like others my age, I'm not holding my breath. My parents; Asher and Hannah Trust were the Beta and Beta Female of the pack before they were taken and killed by rogues eight years ago when they took me out to the lake to play. Alpha Austin refused to believe my words when I told them how my parents were injected with something by strange men before being dragged into the forest.  From that day forward I was treated differently by the pack, everyone was convinced that the
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I walked for hours before I came across a stream, the sun was already beginning to set so I decided that I would spend the night there and leave at sunrise. The $800 I had in my pocket probably wouldn't last me long, but I could find a job that would support me permanently.For the next few weeks I wandered through the woods in search of civilization, my feet stepped in whatever direction my instincts led me and prayed to the Moon Goddess that it would lead me somewhere good. I was well aware that I could be on Werewolf territory but since my scent was human I didn't think they would care much.The night of the second full moon, twenty-three days after leaving the Full Moon pack and venturing out into the forest, I sat under a tree beside a stream when suddenly a sharp pain shot up my spine, the pain was worse than anything I had ever felt before. My entire body suddenly felt like it was on fire, I fell to the ground writhing in pain as I felt each
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Slipping on the only pair of clean clothes I had, which happened to be a light blue washed skinny jeans and a navy blue V-neck t-shirt, I threw on my nude ballet flats to complete the look. I turned towards the mirror to survey my outfit, but the sight that I was greeted with, shocked me.My limp blonde waist long hair was replaced by a head full of thick, midnight black strands.‘How hadn't I noticed that before?’My skin was flawless and tanned- probably from being out in the sun for the past three and a half weeks- there was not a blemish in sight. Familiar ice blue eyes shined brighter than ever before, gone was the dull pained blue that I was used to seeing, these eyes held hope for a positive future.Perhaps I was too preoccupied to notice the changes before, but I loved my new look. It made me feel confident- something I haven't felt in eight years.When I finally got used to my reflection I
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The following morning I woke up at four, it was my first day of training with Alpha Jamie and dare I say; I was excited. After a quick shower I threw on a pair of yoga pants and a wife beater from a pile of clothes that Alpha Jamie organised for me.The moment I entered the kitchen I was greeted by three women who were talking animatedly while preparing breakfast, I was shocked at first since it was so early but I quickly brushed it off remembering how early I used to wake up in my old pack to make breakfast for everyone. This pack was far bigger than my old one, but since there were three of them, things seemed to flow well. I learnt from Jake that the Blue Moon Pack had 439 members- including me- it was the largest pack and the third strongest pack in the world.My old pack had only 149 members.After having pancakes, which the ladies insisted they prepare for me, I made my way outside to the backyard where my training would take
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6 MONTHS LATERAlmost every day for the past six months I have trained, with and without the guy's assistance; I have found solace in the physical power that I possess.In the beginning it was tough; motivation was hard to come by, but that all ended one night five months ago.I woke up screaming, tears were pouring down my face and my breathing ragged. Memories of my parents being dragged away from me were fresh in my mind. The feelings I felt as an eight year old girl; alone and afraid in a dark cold room where Alpha Austin interrogated me about their disappearance, haunted me.   I felt betrayed, sad, helpless and downright terrified.The dangerous look in his eyes terrified me and when he slammed his fists on the metal table, my entire body shook with fear of being struck.An immense sadness weighed down my heart, it had been a while si
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‘Allie Cat, please come to my office. I need to speak to you.’ Alpha Jamie called through the mind link; I stood up off my bed and walked to his office, wondering what it was he needed, he never called me to his office unless it was something serious.My thoughts came to a halt when I caught sight of Alpha Jamie seated on the couch. After closing the door beh
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Two Years Later  In the weeks that followed my adoption, Papa Jamie received information from around the world about increased rogue attacks on smaller packs and devised a plan to have me travel to these packs to train their memb
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We led them to the pack house in silence. Questions were swimming in my mind, I could hardly wrap my head around things, I didn’t want to believe what I was thinking.I needed answers and I would get them today.
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As time went on, we grew closer as a family. Their sudden arrival was a huge shock to the whole pack, but nevertheless they trusted me and welcomed my family with open arms.Ana or Princess- as I refer to Tatiana, is a little mini me. She was over the moon with excitement when our parents introduced me as her sister and while she may not have understood the situation, sh
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Just as I neared the border, Jake informed me of their arrival, but I had long sensed them approaching. As I got closer their scents and voices became more prominent, Devin’s scent made me feel a little light headed at first, but I shoved the feeling down as soon as it surfaced.Upon my arrival I saw both packs stood facing each other, Papa Jamie was flanked by J
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