Chapter 29

Drake, Lydia, and the others had been on the island for a week now. Drake and Lydia were desperate for alone time, every minute of the day was spent either looking over wedding plans, avoiding Dianne, or talking with Drake’s publicist and other members of the paparazzi. Everyone wanted to get to know Lydia, they wanted her background information; who her family was, what school she went to, how her and Drake met, etc.

Lydia was exhausted, she didn’t know if she could handle the public spotlight. All she wanted to do right now, was visit her mom in the hospital, curl up in the uncomfortable bedside chair, and read “Hybrid Aria” out loud to her mother. Some doctor’s said that comatose patients could still hear what was going on around them, and Lydia was a firm believer that her mother could hear her, which is why since the day she’d entered the hospital, Lydia had visited every night, talking to her mother and letting her know she was still there. Lydia missed her mom dearl
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