Chapter 35

Drake couldn’t control his laughter when he entered into his office. Somehow Grace had managed to cuff Lydia to his off chair and she’d shoved a sock in her mouth. If looks could kill Drake would be a dead man. Lydia looked like she wanted to bury him ten feet under.

“Grace,” Drake bellowed between laughter, “Why is Lydia tied up like this?”

“Well,” Grace replied looking as innocent as a newborn child, “She kept trying to leave. Obviously she’s someone very important to you if you’re willing to go through all this trouble, so I called in Antonio and he and some of his friends helped me with the situation.”

Drake turned his head away from Lydia and starred at Grace, she’d called in a favor with her son. He knew that Antonio ran with a rough crowd and that Grace had had a falling out with her son because of it. But it seemed like their issues had been resolved if he was willing to come and assist her.

“Thank you for your assistance today Grace,
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