Chapter 10: Channel of Ancient Reality

“I am Kira, Guardian of the secrets of the Royal Euphenic Blood.”

  I heard the same feminine voice I'd heard before, when I began visualising this vision in my subconsciousness. Turning around, my gaze fell on a woman. She had a splendid dress on, and there were lots of red flowers tucked into her hair. She smiled at me, revealing a pair of dimples on both cheeks. She seemed to be in her late forties or early fifties.

  “Where am I?” I asked, looking about myself at the strange realm before my eyes. “What is this place and who are you?”

  Smiling, Kira said, “This is the Channel of Ancient Reality which only a few gifted ones are privileged to see.”

  “Channel of Ancient Reality?” I was taken aback. “What does that mean?”

  “The Channel of Ancient Reality is a realm which has the ability to link one to events of long ago. These knowledge can faci

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