Chapter 45

Belle's Point of View

A convoy of black SUVs pulls up to the house's driveway. I stand by and observe as everyone exits the SUV. Alpha Sebastian and Luna Alanis are in the first SUV, but Aria is not with them. I'm practically over myself with anticipation as I keep my eyes peeled for him. He finally gets out of the black SUV he's been traveling. As I push the door open and sprint to him, his long, dark hair swings in the breeze and catches my eye.

"Aria!" As I sprint after him, I yell.

"Belle!" He shouts and sprints at me, yelling "I'm coming!" I wrap my arms around him and kiss him on the cheek.

"Happy Birthday!" I say as I hug him.  He's in a fantastic mood. I've always had feelings for him, but I've never expressed them or said anything about them. For one, I am several years older than he is, and second, I am unable to read his thoughts. No idea how he feels about me, but I want to tell him exactly how I feel about him when I see him later today.

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