Chapter 15

The authority has been placed over Aesthelia for several days now. It wasn't pleasant at all. She had to wake up early in the morning, and now she had to train a hundred wolves without even knowing what to do. 

Aesthelia was clueless. She was even thinking that she could propose yoga, but, of course, that wouldn't work either. These wolves like to use their claws and they like to draw blood. Aesthelia doesn't have any idea what kind of training they do. She attended the assembly twice; the first one, a duel, and the second one, a hunting event. 

Aesthelia wore a comfortable suit. She asked her human servants to make her a modern t-shirt and pants. It was a new fashion, so everyone looked at her weirdly, but she didn't care. Her sweats rolled down her face as she kept shouting at those wolves who were slacking off. 

They don't train seriously. They find it hard to obey a word that comes from Aesthelia. Wolves are prideful beings. They felt much bet

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