45- The Academy

Maddox had returned with Ellen and warriors were ready. Killian wanted to kill Alpha Sandy Silver he exploited children and his mistress was no better. Astrid was on the verge of taking control but Axel stayed close to Lucy to help her stay calm while Killian commanded the troops. Treena had returned from university to stay with Lanie. The packhouse would be very quiet except for a few omegas and two warriors. It was about a two-day drive and a few hours in wolf form to the howler pack which is where the Academy was located deep in the woods of Louisiana. According to Bonnie, they had vampires and Dark witches helping conceal everything. Ellen would need to take down the barrier to get them through. Bonnie had given Ellen the spells she would need to get them in and out safely. Ellen was far stronger than Bonnie ever let her know giving her dampening herbs her whole life so she would never know her full power. Bonnie did grow to love Ellen even if she was power-hungry. She was just

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