Chapter Forty - One


My phone pings, bringing me back to the present. I glance down at it. A couple of texts start rolling in one after another, covering my screensaver. (It’s Sam and I snogging before Bryce's wedding.) I lift it a little so I can unlock it with the Face ID feature.

17:31 p.m. Bryce: hey um

17:31 p.m. Bryce: everything okay at home?

17:32 p.m. Bryce: Photo

I tap on the photo and I can’t help but gasp. It’s Sam back, taken from afar. I’d recognise his broad shoulders anywhere, the line of his neck and then his strong's all too familiar. He’s leaning against the counter at the Starbucks near my flat. I know those chairs, and although most Starbucks shops are similar, there's something special to each one, and I've memorized this one perfectly. Before Sam, I used to go there a lot on Sunday mornings. That's when it's the most empty, before the city awakens, while families are still asleep. Now, sometimes we hav

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