My Dad's Wife

My Dad's Wife

By:  Ashante   Ongoing
Language: English
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~Mature content ~strong language and sex scenes ~girlxgirl book ~~~~~~~~~ Love. Love is a powerful magnetic pull that pulls to opposites together. Love can be forbidden and destructive. But for Ashley and her stepmother Angelina Love is a forbidden obstacle course.

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28 Chapters
Chapter 1
Ashley Black's POV "Look honey I know I didn't tell you about the wedding,but it just happened while I was away in France" my dad said calmly like it didn't matter to him."You could have fucking told me 'Hey sweetie I'm getting married so you going to have a new mom' but noooo,you go and get married without me fucking knowing" I am so damn pissed at him."Sweetie I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the wedding but I'm not getting any younger and I'm lonely please understand" he said with pleading eyes."Whatever just wake me up when we get there" I said turning myself.I guess I should introduce myself. Hey I'm Ashley Black I'm 19 years old and a high school senior, yeah I get I'm old for high school but it's because when mom died when I was a freshman and had to repeat since I was a complete mess. What can I say I loved my mom but when I found the truth behind her death I lost that love for her. That's a story for another time though.Oh and I'm an intersex.I can't believe dad is actu
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Chapter 2
Angelina's POV Ashley just went up to her floor and wow she is really hot like I was not expecting this. Call me whatever you like but she really is hot. When I hugged her she smelt like apple and cinnamon and I swear I could feel something down there but maybe it's just her belt."So what do you think of her so far" my 'husband' brought me from my thoughts."She is definitely something else" i said with a chuckle.He just gave me a warm smile and a kiss on the cheek.Josh is a good man. We met a year ago in France while I was on a business trip and we just got along so well and one thing led to another now married to him. I was a bit upset that he didn't tell me about his daughter but I understood that he was just afraid I might not want him. I'm sure you wondering about me ,well I'm Angelina Reeves well now my last name is Black nd I'm 30 years old and I'm 11 years younger than Josh. I've been married before but my ex husband was abusive and so damn controlling,I couldn't take it a
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Chapter 3
Ashley Black's POV "Come to the kitchen so I can make you something to eat ,what would you like?"She asked as I sat up."Anything you'd like I don't mind" I said as I got up and stretched when I finished I opened my eyes and saw her looking shocked at me that's when I realised what she noticed and I immediately covered my front."Uhm" she cleared her throat, "I'll make some chicken strips and nuggets, is that OK? " She asked with flustered cheeks."Yes of course thank you" I answered dying from embarrassment.And with that she hurried out of my room. I sighed with relief.'fuck she just saw my bulge ' was all I could think about while taking a shower.Once I finished in the shower and changed into some basketball shorts and a tank top.As I got downstairs I heard soft singing from the kitchen and when I got there I saw Angelina swaying her hips as she sang some song while making the lunch.Dad really made a good choice making her his wife, he is one lucky guy. Speaking of dad where is
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Chapter 4
Angelina's POV "I'm an intersex" she said and I froze.So my mind was not playing games with me, I can't say I'm not curious now because I am. Without realising it my eyes traveled down to see if i can see anything and back up to her eyes to see she caught me staring."Are you ok with it?" She asked a bit nerves"Uhm Y-yeah I just need to process this new information and speak to your father as to why he never told me" Josh is so going to sleep on the couch tonight."Ther..." just as she was about to speak my phone started ringing I took it seeing it was Josh I answered."Hiya honey" I hope he is on his way home."Hey honey I just call to tell you I'll be working late tonight I'm sorry I won't make it for dinner" my mood immediately died this is the third time this week he's working late."It's ok baby I get to bond with Ashley now I guess" I answered trying not to sound hurt."I'm really sorry I'll make it up to you ok?" He said referring to sex."Yeah and when you get back we need
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Chapter 5
Ashley's POV Angel and I finished dinner. We got to know one another some more and she's actually pretty cool. It's 10pm Angel and I are sitting and watching a movie and dad's not home yet."I'm going to call dad to ask when he'll be home" I tell her getting up to talk in the kitchen knowing I might want to yell at him. She nodded in response.Ring Ring RingHe doesn't answer so I try again.Ring Ring Ring"Ashley why are you calling me now?" I could hear the annoyance in his voice."Oh I'm sorry am I disturbing you or something because if you have forgotten you have a wife that's waiting on you to get home" I whisper yelled at him not wanting Angel to hear.I hear some ruffling on his end and a 'moan' I frown at this "dad please tell me you not doing what I think you doing?" I ask fearing to hear what he has to say."Look Ash I won't be home until after midnight tell her not to wait up" he said nonchalantly."I can't fucking believe you" I whisper yelled fighting back tears "you j
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Chapter 6
Angelina's POV When I woke up I noticed I was still alone. Last night I had a nightmare again, I haven't had it in a while but with the thoughts of Josh cheating on me brought those haunting dreams back and the worst thing is that Ashley was the one to notice God I hope she doesn't bring it up. When I got to the kitchen I saw some breakfast and a note on the side and it readGood morning Angel I'll be out for a while applying myself into a school since dad haven't done it yet but it's no worries. I also made you breakfast, I'm sure you feeling hungry. Also about early this morning with your nightmare you don't need to explain anything to me if you don't feel comfortable. Lots of smiles -AshleyOh and you left quiet a bruise. 'You left quiet a bruise' her words left me really confused but made a mental note to ask her once she gets home.Just when I was about to enjoy the breakfast she made me Josh walked in."Oh good morning honey" he kissed me cheek "sorry I was caught up all
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Chapter 7
Ashley's POV I woke up to an annoying alarm screaming in my ear. When the fuck did I put an alarm on. I thought to myself as I shut it off. When I checked the time it was 7:10 that's when I realised I had school to attend.Fuck fuck how could I forget it's my first day at my new school.I got up rushing to do my morning routine. Once I was done I gathered my my things for school before getting dressed. I went with a black ripped jean,a grey tank top and my black leather jacket since I'm driving with my R6 Yamaha motorbike.So this weekend went fairly well. Didn't see much of dad pretty sure he was fucking some whore again Agh! He is a asshole but other then him Angel and I were hitting it off good like we got a couple of things in common which is cooking, reading, swimming and we both adore children.I was pulled out of my thoughts when I entered the kitchen to find Angel at the island sipping on her coffee wearing nothing but a silk night gown reading away on her laptop. Gulp. "G
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Chapter 8
Ashley's POV So Chemistry class was chilled had to introduce myself and Mrs.Willow who is a really cool teacher. She made our lesson really fun but at the end gave us a group project lucky Mia and I are togther with a nerdy girl but she cute."Look imma catch up to you I need to use the restroom" I said to Mia but she stopped me."OK but do you know how to get to math class?" She asked crossing her arms."Nope" I said with a smile."but I'm sure you going to tell me the room number" I said playfully poking her."Room 54" she said rolling her eyes before turning around and walking away leaving me alone.Shit I forgot to ask her where the damn restrooms are.The hallways are now empty and I'm wandering around looking like a damn lost puppy. To be honest there are only classrooms where I am right now I don't see any signs of restrooms being here."Ms.Black what are you doing wandering around in the hallways when you suppose to be in a classroom right now?" I heard a voice that belongs
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Chapter 9
Angelina's POV After Ashley left this morning I got ready to go to work. Josh hasn't been around alot this weekend but I tried not thinking about it. Ashley hasn't even asked about him in this time and everytime I brought him up she would just shrug and ignore me.Ashley and I bonded some more and we got a couple of things in common but my absolute favourite is that she and I both love kids. I honestly want kids but Josh doesn't want any more.Riiiiiiiiiing Riiiiiiing"Hello" I answered my phone without looking at the caller ID."Good morning Mrs.Black are you coming in to the office today because you already late for the Stockport Fundraiser meeting" My assistant said and I immediately looked at the time 10:43 "Shit I mean sorry about that yes I'll be leaving my house right now I lost track of time can you keep then busy for awhile I'll be there in 20 minutes." With that I ended the call and left the house making sure everything was locked up.I arrived at work 11:02. I went pass
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Chapter 10
Ashley's POV I was now on my way to the office hoping I find Ms.B at her desk.When I got there I saw Ms.B sitting writing some things down and eating some fruit. Man she looks really cute like that. Knock knock I knocked on the door and saw her jump in her seat and visibly relax when she saw me. "Ashley what are you doing here it's lunch isn't it?" She asked straightening up."Yeah but I wanted to come and spend it with you" I said with a smirk on my face and I could see her blush appear on her cheeks."Oh and what makes you think I'm free to have lunch right now with you" she said in a playful tone."Well Ms.B I can tell by your fruit salad and bottle of water on your desk and those papers aren't school related that's how I know you free" I said taking the chair that's by the door and putting it right next to her."Uhm ok ok you got me" she said with a nerves chuckle and hid the papers under some books on her table."You know there's no reason to be nervous around me right?"
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