Fell for his game

"Don't ever try something like that again," his voice was void of any emotion as he stood near the door with his back facing me.

I stood on the bed silently when something clicked inside my head.

"You knew!" I whispered but he heard it perfectly even from the distance.

I was no longer sitting on the bed, "What kind of messed up game are you playing? You thought it would be fun to mock me in this way? I have said this before but let me repeat it again, I will run away from you one day and that's a promise, Damien."

Everything happened too fast after I completed the sentence, one minute I was staring at the back of Damien's head, and the next minute I was pinned against the wall.

His face was so close to me that I could feel his minty breath, "You can try to run but I will always catch you, you can try to hide but I will always find you. Get one thing clear, Nora, no matter what road you take it will always lead you to me."

I licked my lips un

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Melissa Wilson
Hmm... wonder who his soul mate is???

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