Chapter 13

Exhaustion pulled at Gail, forcing her shoulders forward. She stared at the mess that was her aunt’s backyard. Her latest attempt to control her magic led to every animal in the surrounding area to come to her. It looked like a zoo gone wild. Deers were peeling bark off her aunt’s crabapple trees. Birds filled said trees, chirping or squawking down at the deers. There were squirrels and raccoons everywhere, getting into everything within reach, which turned out to be quite a lot. A family of possums were making themselves comfortable under the picnic table.

The only one mildly amused was Joel. He laid out on the porch, watching the cha0s. He was the only reason the boars did not overrun her aunt’s vegetable garden. Aunt Rose’s flower bed wasn’t so lucky. They destroyed it, eating the tulip bulbs.

“This is a disaster,” h

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